DIY Christmas Bulb Garland

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CottonelleHoliday”

I have a problem. And no the problem is not that I'm overly obsessed with all things Christmas. We've beaten that one upside the head more times than I can count on all fingers and toes. My problem is that I pee too much. I may or may not have mentioned this before around these private blog parts.

But if you're new to the randomness that goes on here, you now know my deepest inner secret. Except for it's not really a secret. You'll know first hand if you ever sit down with me at a sports bar for more than a drink or two. I'll be up and out of my seat every other ten minutes. Something about still maybe, possibly having a metabolism in this body of mine? Or maybe just having a bladder the size of a Polly Pocket? No, it's probably just that whole "I drink too many Miller Lites" thing...

Anyway, I pee a lot. Got it? Good. I seriously do promise there is a point to this story.

Since I pee a lot, I wind up with a lot of empty toilet paper rolls. And what's a girl to do with all those rolls? Well if that girl is a craft queen like myself, she makes something out of them. And if it's Christmastime, she makes something related to the holidays of course. Enter the 12 pack of Cottonelle's triple roll toilet paper.

Now normally I just pick up the smallest package of rolls I can find because I live in Manhattan and a 24 pack of TP doesn't really work as an accessory while walking down 5th Avenue. But whenever I make my way up to the Target in Harlem I manage to load that damn cart with more crap than the Grinch tries to stuff onto his sleigh because I cab it home after. And this usually always includes a bigger package of toilet paper. One that has all the extra sheets and stuff in hopes that it will last a bit longer than usual.

This brand actually takes the cake on that front. But no matter how many double sided, soft as a sheep's butt, absorbent enough to soak up more of that weird blue liquid than the leading competitor, 2-ply sheets there're still going to end up with those annoying empty rolls. Welcome to the glamorous side of being a human right?

Don't worry though, as you saw from the very first picture in this post, I've got you covered on a little DIY project to turn those fugly brown rolls into something spectacularly festive. Let's see how things went down shall we?

Well would you look at that. From empty roll on my TP holder to hanging in a frame right smack dab in the middle of my living room. And all I had to do was cut up the toilet paper rolls, flatten them out into the shape of bulbs, cut out red and green paper to match the shape, hot glue them to the backs of the cutouts, add a little black topper cutout, and hot glue all of the completed bulbs onto a piece of yarn.

Bing bang boom, DIY Christmas Bulbs made out of empty toilet paper rolls. And I didn't even have to buy any supplies to make them. I think I win today. P.S. you can also win today by heading to Target to buy a Cottonelle triple roll 12 pack or larger and get a free box of Kleenex (while supplies last) just by using this coupon.

P.S. Obviously I still haven't quite mastered that new camera of mine enough to not still be using iPhone quality photography. Whoops!