2013 in Review

Here we are on the second to last day of 2013 and, once again, I sit here wondering where the hell my life has decided to pick up and run off to. Because it surely doesn't feel like it's been long enough since last New Year's Eve for me to say that I have yet another year under my belt. And that scares the shit out of me. Life is flashing by way too quickly. There isn't a more cliche statement than that, but boy is it the cold hard truth. But I have way too many feelings about all of that for this short introduction paragraph so we're going to just nip that thought in the butt for right now and maybe come back to it later.

Because today is reserved for recapping the last year of my life and it's been one hell of a whirlwind. And like Erin said in her own "2013 in Review" post, you really don't realize how much stuff you can jam-pack into 365 days until you actually go through the archives (literally) and realize it for yourself. So let's get to it.

I kicked the year off with a less than stellar New Year's Eve - probably my least favorite New Year's to date. But thus is life when the guy you're supposed to be kissing at midnight is in another state right? The blog saw more exciting things than my party pants did in my "Plans for 2013" post, though. The only problem being that I only completed about half of those plans. Whoops.

I had just moved into my new apartment a couple months prior to the start of 2013. But as soon as I moved in, I started decorating for Christmas (shocker). So it was time to put some real decor up on the walls. My most favorite DIY ever are the mason jar wall vases I made with my dad.

My mommy dearest celebrated her 50th birthday at the end of January. My present to her was a stack of 50 letters written to her from all of her friends and family. Plus I also took her to get her hair and makeup done for her surprise (she wasn't surprised at all) birthday party. Girlfriend looks more like my older sister than my momma!

Nemo the nor'easter made its way into New York City in early February. I was more excited than a two year old being handed a Pixie Stick because I love anything that causes a shitstorm to occur in Manhattan. And this was definitely the epitome of that. Leave it to me to make a Finding Nemo reference on a mailbox.

I got up early and headed to Central Park with that same guy I was supposed to be kissing at midnight on NYE to go check out all of the snow. "The first two sets of footsteps in Sheep's Meadow" were some pretty good footsteps. And so was the fact that I could measure the amount of Whovilles we got by my cup of hot chocolate. Forget rulers, New Yorkers use good old Starbucks cups.

I had one of thee best Valentine's weekends ever in the history of life. I made a DIY man-boquet, set up a mini s'mores station and bought firewood to make a fire and actually cook them. That resulted in a smokfest and quite a few pots of water being poured all over the place. But the trip to the Borgata in Atlantic City (my first time ever going) completely made up for it.

The end of the month also saw new beginnings in the form of this little blog of mine. My one year blogiversary was celebrated by adopting "Two Thirds Hazel" as my new blog name. I was previously called "Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink" (holy what the fuck was I thinking?) for all of you who haven't been around that long. 

I dressed up for St. Patrick's day like I do for every holiday. Easily one of the most fun to dress up for. My big bow and suspenders will probably be worn every year from here on out.

I spent Easter in Washington D.C. with my cousins and best friend from home, Kristen. Who was the cutest ever and even made me an Easter basket to wake up to.

Also got to go to the Syracuse Elite 8 game, AHHmazing because they actually won. I was the happiest little twelve year old in the whole arena. At least this twelve year old is legally allowed to drink beers.

I met my best friend in blogland for the very first time when she took a trip up to NY. By far one of the craziest things I've ever done by letting a "stranger" walk her way into my apartment while I wasn't home. But easily one of the best things I've ever done too. Love you Whitsticle!

I went on my very first group blate with these three ladies.

Had myself a fiesta of a weekend for Cinco de Mayo drinko. Mustache straws were made as well as Mexican flag colored shrimp skewers.

The day my dad took over the blog for the first time still remains a bragging right for him. "I got more comments than you did, Erin!" He hasn't taken over the blog too often sense...

I whipped up the best "Crunchy Asian Salad" on the entire planet and provided you with a recipe to make it yourself. If you haven't listened to me and done that yet then, well, I feel sorry for your taste buds. Chef Whitney even said it was bomb dot com material. Go make it. And thank me afterwards.

The end of May saw some REALLY gloomy ass days. Tears, heartbreak, overwhelming sadness - you name it. I was quite the mess. Getting your heart broken by someone you pictured spending the rest of your life with will do that to you I guess. But then you blog about it and for some crazy reason... it helps.

Thank goodness I was headed to Orlando to visit Whitney who mended my heart with snuggles and Fireball and besty bracelets and, oh yeah, Harry Freaking Potter World. I actually blogged about our time together too. That was a real accomplishment for me seeing as how I boycotted doing so for the first trip.

My other real life bestest friend, Meghan, visited NYC as soon as I got back home from Florida. Best friends (and alcoholic drinks) sure do cure an aching heart.

I also announced the start of my little design business. Something that I was pretty excited to give birth to and something I still absolutely love doing. P.S. need a blog design to start fresh in the new year? Hit me up!

Birthday month, birthday month, birthday month! I combined the Fourth of July with my own birthday this year since the world celebrates me on the 3rd. So it only made sense to have a red, white, and blue booze bash of a wine tour in a limo with lots of friends.

My most favorite present ever (which wasn't actually for me) was the newest addition of a ball of puppy snuggles to our family. Miss Aria was hands down the absolute cutest baby of them all. But thank goodness she lives with my parents and not me because girlfriend is a hot mess of craziness. My heart still melts for her, though. I mean how can you resist the face?

I finally stopped professing my love for Chipotle's corn salsa and made my own version. It's obviously not nearly as good because the people at Chipotle put actual crack particles in theirs and I'm a bit short on Crack particles right now, but it's still pretty damn good.

I also discussed one of my biggest blogger struggles. I actually think I did this in July but whatever.

I think I'm just posting random shit in this month's category because I was pretty busy the entire month of August turning the page and playing with that new boy that came into my life. And we all know how that turned out so I'm trying not to smother this post with all of it. It's not you, it's me.

I went to my friend's wedding and was THEE only girl there without a date. So you can bet your bottom dollar what I did the majority of the night. If you guessed "take selfies and drink your face off" you would be correct.

I finally decided to open up about my new relationship in my "Biggest Confession to Date" post. Which was scarier than what Joan Rivers must look like in the morning pre-cake face because it was the first time I ever used the word "boyfriend" on my blog. Big steps for little me.

We both took a trip down to Orlando to hang out with Whit and Bear. It was one hell of a fun trip. I actually blogged again about that one too. Someone's on a roll over here.

Then I flew home to get my wisdom teeth yanked out. Real fun, real real fun. Especially since I was planning on dropping ten pounds from not being able to eat. Yet not so much the story for Erin. I think I ate even more than I normally would have thanks to my mom catering to me like I was back in pre-k.

The newest design for Two Thirds Hazel was installed. And I already want to change it. Someone come to Manhattan and slap me please. I won't even hate you for it. Okay maybe a little.

I took the boyfriend home for a fall filled weekend with my family. We had a pumpkin carving competition. Mine was the minion, obviously. Mine was the winner, obviously.

Sometime throughout the latter part of the year I became obsessed with Breaking Bad and watched the entire five seasons in about seventeen minutes. So when it came time to pick out my outfit for Halloween, it was a pretty easy decision. A bag of blue meth it was. I went to work cutting and gluing and taping and before I knew it, bam, I had transformed myself into hard drugs for Halloween. Such a class act I am, really.

I put my fear of "looking like a dbag in a hat" to rest and took the plunge with this pretty little darling from Target. Quite a few of you told me the pictures reminded you of Blair Waldorf so then I just died and went to head band wearing heaven.

We discussed why talking on the phone sucks more than just about everything short of getting a paper cut in your eyeball. I was pleasantly surprised to realize so many of you agreed with me on this stance.

I also showed you how to make frozen hot chocolate. Super easy, super tasty. Two words that don't go together if you're talking about a slorestitute. I went too far didn't I?

This last month has been my most favorite of the whole year I think. Some reasons you know, some reasons you don't. God I've been really sneaky lately, huh? I'm not too sorry about it either. Let's take a look at some of the reason you do know, though.

First off hello, December 1st, where we can finally welcome Christmas with open arms and not get judged by all those naysayers who think it's wrong to do so before Thanksgiving. I say whatever to all of that, if it makes me happy, I'll do whatever I please.

Then we had the list of all my favorite things. And yet another excuse to put one of my favorite pictures up on this blog, yet again. I'll probably do it until I'm 67 and wrinkly so get used to it.

That brings us to when I made the Blogmopolitan Quiz just to do myself and then realized I should maybe turn it into a link up a couple hours later. Then, my mind was blow to smithereens when almost 200 of you linked up with me and did it yourself. Holy baby beluga whale. Shocked. So now that just means we're going to have to do another one sometime soon. Stay tuned!

Shortly after, I found myself going through one hell of a hard time deciding what exactly I should be doing with my life. Which path to take. Which way to lead this ever changing heart of mine. Through quite a few breakdowns to Meghan (an angel, that one, for putting up with me) I finally had my decision and knew that I needed to make a change. And that's when I broke up with my boyfriend and so slyly wrote about it in "The Roller Coaster Ride" post. 

But if you know me at all you'll realize "random" is my middle name and I switch things up around here so often that I wonder how any of you actually keep up. Which brought us to an advice post about saving money when you don't have a lot of it. One of those posts that may not have gotten as much attention as others but one I'm pretty darn proud to have written.

Then I flew to Charlotte (after having the worst airport experience ever) and loved every second of being there. My year kind of came full circle in that trip and I'm hoping with every penny in my back pocket that it continues on that same path.

Which brings us to this last week, filled with all things Christmas aka the happiest day of them all

And just like that it's time to welcome in a brand new year. And I know everyone says it, but I really think this one is going to be my year. Like really really. So don't you rain on my parade 2014; I have too many exciting things planned for you. Here's to hoping they all play out!

P.S. Tomorrow I'll be playing with miss Jena from Recently Roached in a linkup she created called "2013 in One Picture". All you have to do is sum up your entire year in one picture. This shouldn't be too hard seeing as how I just used about eight million in this post. Total sarcasm right there. But anyway, it should be fun - so come play along!