$200 Amazon Gift Card

Well well well, look what we have here…two giveaways in two days. Let me just take a second to change my blog name to Two Thirds Santa real quick. No but really, I guess I'm just feeling extra merry and bright lately with the holiday season in full force. And lucky you because that just means extra chances to win extra prizes and who can honestly say they hate that? 

Certainly not me. And hopefully not you because that would mean you wouldn't want to enter for your chance to win some free cash. 

But first we must meet the twelve lovely faces that have teamed up with me to bring this little giveaway to life. Meet my November sponsors. And yes I do realize we are now in the month of December. I'd slap myself on the wrists but I already expect coal in my stocking, so it's fine.

Jennifer / Kelly / Rebecca / BrittanyChelsee / Elisabeth / Emily / DaynaMelissa / Rachel / Katie / Kate

Aren't they pretty? I may be biased but I'm going to go with a big fat yes on this one. And what's even better than having pretty faces gracing the side of your blog all month? Pretty faces that like to give away pretty things at the end of said month. This month that thing is a $200 gift card to Amazon.

Because I hate to say that I may just in fact be a little Target-ed out at this point. I take it back; that was a complete lie. I will never be Target-ed out, obviously, I even make up fake words having to do with the damn place. Butt it is still holiday shopping season, so what better thing to give away than straight up cash to a place where you can pretty much get your hands on anything your heart desires. Flowers, jewelry, electronics, DESPICABLE ME 2 WHICH COMES OUT TODAY, etc.

Just enter all of the options until the cows come home and you'll be well on your way to receiving a free gift card straight into your inbox. Just make sure you actually follow what you say you're following because I'm going to be acting like the real deal of a Santa over here and checking that shit twice. Good luck!

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