"Well This is Random" Wednesday

So my head is ALL sorts of mashed around today. It's a mess up there in that brain cavity of mine and if I were to start writing about any of it it'd probably turn into a whole lot of "I probably shouldn't have written about that" around here. So I'm going to go ahead and avoid all that nonsense by giving you a few of the most random tidbits of information ever to grace this blog. Random is the name of the game at Two Thirds Hazel after all.

(1) There's this mister that I've grown to become obsessed with. He's the most handsome thing on the planet. He makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. He's soft and cuddly and makes my heart melt every day. I mean he even looks precious when sleeping. Oh yeah, and he just got his very own Instagram account! Meet the mystery man:

He's Rip Van Winkle the bulldog. 

If someone asked me what I wanted out of life right at this very instant HE would be my answer. I've even looked up the bulldog place where he came from just so I know where to go whenever I have an apartment that allows dogs. Because I will, without a doubt, ask them to clone him for me. This is not a joke. If you too think he's the cutest thing since that sleeping baby covered in bully puppies then follow along here. Plus I don't want to be the only creep obsessed with someone else's damn dog so help a sister out.

(2) Tomorrow I'm hosting a link up with Rebecca from Mommy In Heels called "If Only My Parents Knew…" It'll focus on all the little white lies you told your parents growing up. Whether you really knocked over that expensive vase after blaming the dog or if you snuck out of the house every other Friday to go see the boy that was "off limits", we want to hear about it! So get your posts ready and come join the fun tomorrow.

(3) This is effing hilarious and I just about peed my pants when I saw it on Pinterest this morning.  If you don't get it we probably won't be able to continue our friendship. Oh and whenever I have a husband and kid this is for sure happening. I don't care if it results in a divorce or not. #worthit

(4) Today I have Rachel from Tossing the Script here sharing three of her favorite pictures. But I'm just over here eyeing her white Ray Bans, you know, because that's me being infatuated with the not thing I'm not even supposed to be paying attention to. Thus is life right? Wrong. But it's time for Rachel to take it away so feast your eyes on a pretty new face!

(1) My dog, Lucy, has been my best friend for four years. Her full name is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Wigglebottom, because I love the Beatles and when she gets excited, or I start dancing, her butt wiggles uncontrollably. She is so adorable it makes my heart hurt. (2) Two years ago, I visited Paris for the time, and it was my first time exploring the city on my own. I stayed in a hostel near Amelie’s café, wandered Montmartre at night, and ate a lot of pastries. I also visited Oscar Wilde’s grave at the Pere Lachaise cemetery, which is covered in kisses from his adoring fans. I made sure to leave behind a crimson smooch for the man who has inspired love and laughter in so many through his words. (3) I was the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding three years ago. Yes, it’s strange when your younger sister gets married before you, but I’ve gotten to do a lot of living in the meantime. My sister and I are four years apart, yet we are rather inseparable. We are karaoke cohorts, fellow Scorpios, and Teen Witch fans. Not only did I stand by her side when she got married, but I was at her side when she gave birth to her son. She’s not just my blood sister, she’s my soul sister.