Weekends Are For Recapping

After the epic bender I had last weekend it was about time I slowed things down. And that's exactly what this weekend entailed. Both my body and liver (and Grama) are thanking me right now. P.S. am I the only one that receives text messages from my grandmother telling me to take it easy and be safe after said grandmother reads my weekend update posts that are littered with all things concerning alcohol? Anyone else out there? I mean at least she knows how to send me a text from her iPhone. You go Grama, I love ya even if you do worry too much.

As for this past weekend's adventures, though. 

Friday I had a date with a glass of Riesling, a bowl of Chipotle, and a couch. This may not look like much to you, but to me it looks like heaven all wrapped up in one picture with a bow made of out "double the corn salsa please" tied around it. The simple things, they get my heart going.

Saturday was an "I actually showered and put on real clothes" kind of day. This is a pretty amazing accomplishment seeing as I had absolutely zero things on the agenda other than a trip to Target and a babysitting job. There's this thing about me and showers lately, though. Th thing being that they just don't happen. We aren't really that friendly anymore. It's just such a pain in the ass to have to do that whole getting ready thing afterwards. I'm not a fan. This may or may not have to do with the fact that I haven't gotten a hair cut in, oh, a year and it takes me, oh, a year to blow dry it. 

But I DID actually manage to get the job done Saturday morning so that I could head to the happiest place on Earth not looking like a scrub. Funny how I'm not going to show you a picture of the dried hair and go with one of the bottom half portion of my body though. #bloggerproblems

So I went to Target with five specific things in mind. Five. Target ended up having exactly zero of those five things. But guess who walked out $150 less rich because of the fourteen other things she ended up purchasing? Oh that would just be me of course. It happens every damn time I tell ya. But how exactly can one resist the Christmas section? It's like trying to put a bookshelf from IKEA together; impossible. 

Especially when you happen to land on shelves that hold precious items like these...

Do you not just die? How does Target manage to make my heart swoon every single time? There are very few things in life that can cause such nonsense to occur in my Grinch-like body. But they've mastered it.

Saturday night was spent making back the dollar bills I threw at the Target cashier previously that day. Except for it was even easier making the money back than it was spending it. That's because all I had to do was snuggle in the comfiest bed ever and watch movies for a few hours at the Mondrian Soho hotel. Aka "babysitting". I'd say it beats putting on six inch heels and heading to a club for $12 Bud Lights and random ass grabs any day. I'd also say I love my job. But you already knew that.

By the time Sunday rolled around it was time to give the liver a little treat. And that's because I had a game to get to. My second Giants game IN A ROW. Someone direct me to the nearest McDonald's because I'm lovin' it. What was even better than attending my second game in a row? The fact that I got to do it in a private box with all the free food and beers I could ever want. I don't even need to say "winning" since the Giants did that for me. 

We can thank the boyfriend and his client perks for that. The suite that is, not the Gmen win. Although I'd like to thank whoever decided to make that happen as well because it's some small miracle that we've won the past four games in a row. I don't hate it.

As you can see I didn't wear my jersey. Much to the boyfriend's disapproval since he was the one that bought it for me. Whoops. But I scored this awesome vest on my Target trip and it was also blue and red and it had a hood for the sprinkles of rain so I just had to let it accompany me for the day. I may need to wear it every Sunday now just for good luck. 

Or just so I can pop the hood and feel like the true G that I am...


Today I have Misty here from Handbags and Handguns sharing part of her world with you. I like her a lot because I can relate to her. How? Well because she blogs about peeing her pants. Well almost peeing her pants. Nothing like bonding over bladder problems right?

Hi, I'm Misty. I blog about all things pop culture, fashion, family, and fun. I live in the 'burbs with my firefighter husband, son, daughter, and two huge dogs. Both of my kids are named after celebrities. I live in Tennessee, but root for Kentucky. I love Kid Rock, margaritas and being a smart ass. I think Britney Spears is awesome. And my personal motto is: Dress like you are going to get murdered in these clothes. Seriously, have you seen an episode of Dateline? It could totally happen.