The Boyfriend's Birthday Weekend

What a whirlwind of a weekend. How I'm fully functioning as a human being right now is beyond me since I didn't stop moving from the minute I walked out of work Friday afternoon. That national holiday going on right now? Yeah, I could've used it to do a little recovering over here. But I'm currently listening to children's sing-a-longs while wrapping up the past three days in a blog post. Which by the way I will be making pretty short and sweet today since I foresee a nap (or two) going down.

First up we had the boyfriend's birthday festivities. We started off by venturing into Brooklyn to go to a basketball game at Barclays Center. I had never been to the stadium before so I was pretty excited to check it out, even if it did require a train ride to China to get there. Manhattan > Brooklyn. It's a pretty awesome venue but none of the theatrics and futuristic architecture really matter once you find out beer stops being served at halftime. BO-ring. But it was probably for the best since we were heading to a top shelf open bar at Bowlmor immediately after.

All of hunkfest's friends showed up, we took over a ton of lanes, I actually drank liquor instead of beer (for once), we made the bartender pour 30 rounds of Fireball shots at a time, I majorly sucked at the bowling part of the night, I peed 67 times, and we had a ton of fun. My hangover surely proved it the next morning too. But that's what Gatorade was invented for right? Oh and maybe a trip to Chipotle. Not that I ever take trips there or anything…

It was absolutely necessary this weekend, though, since we had to head to a wedding Saturday afternoon in Connecticut. Why my boyfriend agreed to attend a wedding in another state on the day of his 30th birthday is beyond me. Oh yeah, the boyfriend is 30. I'm dating a grandpa, it's fine. Although he doesn't look (or act for that matter) like a thirty year old so I guess we can accept it. I'm glad he didn't turn down the wedding invite though because it was a beautiful place and we had a great time.

I'm a sucker for random glass vases and jars so I was obsessed with the centerpieces. And obviously the bf made fun of me for taking pictures of them. The joke was on him though because he was the one carrying my favorite ones home as favors at the end of the night. I did keep the selfies to myself in the seclusion of the bathroom, though. You're welcome wedding guests. 

Oh and the best part of the whole wedding? The funfetti wedding cake. I used to always say that I wanted this on my wedding day thinking I was the only twelve year old weirdo that thought this would be the most awesome thing ever. Wrong. Bitch bride stole my look cake. 

The next morning it was time, yet again, for a healthy dose of Gatorade since we were up and out of the hotel and headed to the Giants game all before 8:00am. 

My liver was shaking in its boots by this point. It took me a solid two hours of tailgating just to force down two beers. And that right there is a travesty my friends. Apparently I was the one turning thirty? Except for not so much since the running joke of the day was "On a scale of two to twelve and a half, how old does Erin look in her Giants hat?" Rude. My boyfriend his so rude. Except for not at all. Cheers to a week spent sobering up and doing nothing but snuggle.