It smacks your right in the face when you're not even looking sometimes doesn't it? You're busy going on your merry way doing whatever you damn please and then, BAM, you see someone judging you for whatever it is you're doing. The judging might not be directed specifically at you. It could be a tweet or a simple line in a blog post meant for the entire population as a whole, but it still jabs you right in the side leaving you wounded and worse, questioning yourself. But then after you're done brushing off the quick sting of someone else's words you realize you've not only been a victim of the judging but you've also been the culprit, quiet a few times actually.

Lately I've been seeing it happen all over the social media world. And it's all about the most pointless and minuscule kinds of things.  

Like for instance, yesterday when it started snowing for the first time this season, quite a few people (myself included) decided to post about it on one or more of their social media sites. But then there was that one wise ass who went and posted something about how they have a window and can tell that there are white flurries dusting the sky without needing to see fifty seven people post about it. 

Or how about when the Philip Lim line came out at Target and my feed blew up faster than Fat Bastard after a trip to Taco Bell. And then along came the gold iPhone and at least 17,000 people on my timeline alone started geeking out about it. But there I was complaining about both of them clogging up the toilets of my precious social media world.

Oh and then there was the time when everyone and their mother's lesbian lover felt the aftermath of turning the clocks back and couldn't help but tweet about how grateful they were for that one extra hour of sleep. And once they realized how much they missed waking up after the sun had already risen and used the Keurig they had to put that shit up on twitter too. But then there were the ones that followed up immediately after informing us that daylight savings happens every year and we get an extra hour of sleep, you guessed it, every year so we should be used to it by now and therefore not feel the need to post about it.

And now I sit here feeling all judged like a sad panda because other people are complaining about me being excited for the first snowfall or feeling more than ready to decorate for Christmas before Tom's wishbone has even been cracked. 

But guess who can't really care too much since she's done her fair share of complaining about other people getting excited over stupid things? This girl. I guess I've just stopped and realized that all of us  get overly excited about small non-important things and the first place we go to talk about them is usually always going to social media. Because guess what, that's exactly what social media is for. A tweet about it snowing. A Facebook post about your new iPhone being scheduled for delivery. An Instagram of your new Philip Lim bag. You're allowed to post about all of that shit. You walk right into it half the time. I mean if we're not posting about mindless things that make us happy then what else are we supposed to be posting about?

Oh I know, complaining about other people finding joy about those mindless things. 

So basically this post has been driving around in circles for the last six paragraphs and I have no moral or point to any of it other than to keep doing you by posting about all the warm fuzzies you get from the small things in life. Just don't be a sad panda bear when someone tries to rain on your parade by making you feel like an idiot for doing so. Because we've all taken a ride on both sides of the track a time or two.


P.S. the lovely Emily from Martinis & Bikinis just recently celebrated her first blogiversary! I love a good blogiversary. Remember when I bought myself a cupcake for my own? That's proof right there that I'll find an excuse to celebrate anything. Emily is going the more sane (and less selfish) route by giving away a beauty bag full of awesome prizes.

So head on over there to enter away and hopefully get to take it all home. Or don't and let me have all the more chances to win it myself. Whichever works best for you, ya know?