My Most Favorite Day Of The Year

Guys. I've erased the past seven different sentences I've written here. I just can't put into words how happy and excited and giddy this day makes me. It's Thanksgiving Eve, aka the first day of the absolute most wonderful time of year. From now until Christmas my heart explodes with all things festive and cheery. You could probably shut down every Chipotle in Manhattan and I'd still be the happiest little elf there ever was. 

P.S. that was a complete lie. If you're listening, Chipotle, please don't ever shut down. I would curl up in ball of heartbreak and just die a slow corn salsa-less death. Be my friend forever?

Anyway, back to that whole "I love Thanksgiving Eve more than I love my own damn self" thing. My aunt has been posting all these old family Turkey Day pictures on Facebook lately and this one made the cut of me. Brace yourselves, it's pretty good.

I mean are we serious with the ensemble I've got going on? Between the magenta/plum/aqua Aztec sweater and the homemade Native American headdress looking thing I'm really rocking it out. Plus those bangs, oh those bangs. It's as if someone put a piece of scotch tape across my head to use as a guideline while cutting.

Note to self: ask my mom if that was her mo back in the days of bang cutting.

But the throwback is necessary even if it isn't Thursday or Thanksgiving yet. And that's because I won't be showing up to blog class tomorrow, or Friday for that matter. If you need me, well, you should probably just convince yourself that you don't. I'll be a little busy stuffing as many mashed potatoes as possible down my throat and not feeling one ounce of shame about it. So that means I need to do some thankfulness stuff on the blog today instead.

1. Chipotle. Le duh.

2. Those bumpy things on the side of the freeway that alert you if you're about to drive off a cliff. You're a real life saver. Literally.

3. Knowing my way around Manhattan and actually being able to give sound directions when a tourist asks me how to get to Times Square.

4. Google Maps for absolutely anywhere and everywhere else.

5. People magazine getting its act together and actually picking someone sexy for their "sexiest man alive" this year. What a concept right? Adam Levine all day and definitely all night.

6. My parents' examples.

7. My parents' willingness to still pay for my beers whenever I'm with them even though I'm 24 years old and perfectly capable of doing it myself. I'm seriously SO thankful for that.

8. Wrinkly squishy puppies.

9. Having naturally straight hair and naturally long eyelashes yet having the ability to UNnaturally laser  off any other hairs from everywhere else.

10. The existence of frozen strawberry margaritas.

And there you have it. My list of ten random ass things I'm ever so thankful for in life. Obviously family, happiness, friendship, a roof over my head, and all that other stuff is on the list too. But that's about as boring as watching House Hunters International when you just want House Hunters "right here in my own darn country" so I spiced it up a bit.

Oh and P.S. since today is my Friday and all I totally didn't even think twice when picking out a #backthatazzup song for my post today. Except for Whitney only backs it up on Friday and today is only Hump Day. But I honestly just don't even care at this point because I've fallen in love with this song. It's been making my heart just as happy as Thanksgiving Eve these past few days. And since I'm on a continuous loop of hitting the replay button over here, I figured I should probably share, even if it is a few months old and I just found it now.

James Blunt - Bonfire Heart. It's just simply the best. Especially because of this particular line:
I could eat it all up and snuggle it forever. But instead I just created that happy little image above. Because sometimes certain songs speak straight into the depths of your soul and the lyrics among them deserve a little more than plain old type. But now I'm off to go do a little napping and a little not eating anything at all in preparation for the massive amounts of food I'm going to intake tomorrow for the next month. See you ten pounds heavier next week!


Today I have Mason (one of my most favoritest names) hanging out on le blogosphere. I've always loved her blog because A) I love mason jars and that's kind of what her blog is named and B) Because she's just pretty and real and hilarious. I'm pretty darn positive you'll feel the same about her so get to work and go say hi!

Hi, beautiful Two thirds Hazel readers! I'm Mason from Mason...Like The Jar, and I'm suuuper excited to be saying hi to y'all today! That's the photos, and that handsome man with me is my wonderful boyfriend, Eric. He and I like to get out and do things as much as we can, so we love road tripping (our favorite place ever is King Family Vineyards in Virginia, pictured right), but we also like "vacationing" in our own city, Raleigh, NC and doing things we've never done.  On my blog you'll find a whole lotta sass, a whole lotta fashion, a whole lotta wine, and a whole lotta fun. And maybe a mason jar or two thrown in for kicks :)