My Holiday Wish List For 2013

Another Friday, another Christmas themed post. Last week I had a couple DIY projects on the blog and this week I have my holiday wish list filledall things merry and bright. Oh and cozy, because that  honestly should've been my middle name at this point. Either that or just simply "holiday". Erin Holiday Gray, dammit mom you dropped the ball on that one. I guess there's always my own kids' birth certificates to wreak havoc on. Muahaha.

Anyway, I'm feeling as if this little trend of mine might just need to stick around every Friday until the big day arrives. Because all of this festive fuzziness makes me feel like I have hot chocolate running through my veins instead of the boring old blood. I promise I'm not related to Elf, it's just all too good that I can't help myself.

1// Striped flannel sheet set - You know that joke about how every twenty something white girl waits around all year for the red Starbucks cups to pop up? Yeah that's not me. I'm the girl that checks the Target website waiting until they finally release their newest set of holiday flannel sheet sets. There are new patterns every year (I'm currently rocking last year's red and white fair isle version) but this year I'm loving these candy cane stripes.

2// Boot warmers - It's like giving your calf a hug, and even calves deserve hugs. Wrap me up in anything that's a chunky knit and we're well on our way to heaven. Go ahead and pair that with my most favorite partner in crime, the pair of Hunter boots, and we're set for life. I could frame this picture.

3// Stag head figurine - Oh the gold antlered deer head, long how I've searched for an affordable version of yourself. I've even thought about stealing one of the daddio's actual deer antlers from the garage and DIYing one myself. You're all very welcome I opted against that route. But this one from Target is adorably dainty (and not cut off a dead animal) and at only $25 my quivering wallet can most certainly afford it.

4// Christmas tree pillow cover - This one is burlap and it's handmade. How can you go wrong with something that's made custom for you that's also the perfect balance of rustic and holiday charm? You can't. So you buy a pillow cover.

5// Felt ball garland - I've been loving on these little balls of fluff ever since I laid eyes on the ones strung around the house of Little Baby Garvin. They're understated enough to not take over your entire mantle but still adorable enough to stop you in your tracks and make you want them. The only problem here is that I don't have a mantle.

6// Paper straw multi pack - Yep, I'm still not over the paper straw trend. I got over the chevron thing quicker than you can say "played out" but these babies are here to stay for quite awhile longer.

7// Fair isle duvet cover - Okay, why do I not have this in my possession and on my bed right now? This seriously sums up everything good in life. First the thing is flannel and I adore me some flannel in the cold as shit winter months here in New York. Secondly, it's fair isle and I could probably wallpaper my entire living room in the pattern without ever getting sick of it. And last but not least, it's grey and white aka my favorite color combination. I want to live in this land forever.


Today I have Jessica taking over and sharing three pictures that mean the most to her and her life. I'm pretty partial to the first one, ya know, because her and her boyfriend are both wearing Giants apparel and that's my team. Oh and since I'm going to the game again on Sunday (yay yay yay!) so I'm pretty pumped to have a Big Blue picture gracing the blog. I'm not saying I have the best sponsors…but I'm saying I have the best sponsors.

(ONE) This is my boyfriend of almost 4 years, Brian, and me on top of Mount Defiance in NY. Brian's parents have a house in the area and we go boating on Lake George all the time. We are definitely going to get married up here (hopefully on their property?!) in the next few years in the fall. (TWO) If you can't tell, that is 7 year old me with the big bow on my head. My guardian angels, my Grandmom and Pop Pop, are with us, and I just love this picture! My 3 siblings and Mom, are also pictured. My Dad took the picture and my other 2 siblings weren't born yet. We're like the Brady Bunch! (THREE) I'll wait for you to stop 'aww'ing. These are my mini dachshunds, Schnitzel and Hansel, when they were puppies. I got them when they were 8 weeks old the summer before I went to law school, and in my completely biased opinion they are the cutest and best dogs in the world!