Loving and Loathing

If you can't tell what I'm currently loving by the montage of pictures up above then you might need to go take a plop down on Santa's lap and ask for some new eyeglasses this Christmas. Because there is quite a bit of golden gorgeousness going on up there. And it's not just all over my own post today, it's been everywhere short of hitched to HOV's back on the way to Cuba lately. From Pinterest to Kate Spade to Etsy shops to Michael Kors, this golden girl has taken more rides around town than your highest paid hooker. 

But it's really no surprise seeing as how every single thing she touches turns to, well, gold. Am I drunk right now? Because the words being formed by my fingertips are a bit of a hot mess. 

Don't answer that question.

The eight things I so graciously threw at you today are some of my favorite gold items as of late. I only physically own one of them but that's okay since my blog is basically just a dreamland I'd like to live in rather than any form of actual reality. There's the dripping tea pot, a BULLDOG wine stopper (someone pinch me), glittered serving spoons, the gold foil lip print, Kate Spade bow paperclips, a motivating pillow, the cutest buckle bracelet ever, and of course the glittery gold belt from Target. Basically they all just need to show up at my door step tomorrow and everything will be a okay.

And now we're going to switch gears from all things bright, shiny and happy to all things annoying, stressful and dreaded...Christmas shopping. 

NEWSFLASH! It doesn't look like that. At all. Whatsoever. Even on a good hair day after you've found a stray twenty in your jacket pocket. 

I despise Christmas shopping. Actually, I despise present shopping anytime at all, ever. You know how I said talking on the phone was hard? Well shopping for presents for other people is even harder. And that's because I'm insanely bad at it. My first ever ex-boyfriend told me to just stop buying him presents because I sucked so much. Maybe that's why he became my first ever ex-boyfriend? Actually no it was probably that whole man-whore cheating thing.

I digress...

I'm really not a Grinch deep down, though. I sincerely do love the idea of handing a Christmas present to someone and seeing their face light up. The problem lies in the fact that I never know what the perfect present is to make that little Hallmark moment happen. And that shit causes me a lot of stress. So then I just procrastinate for a solid two months so I don't have to think about the agony of coming up with something that's both meaningful and creative, yet still costs enough money to make it seem like I care and not enough money to break the pink piggy bank that sits on my bookshelf. 

Which then brings us to somewhere around December 22nd and I become that maniac clicking the "overnight" button on anything and everything that I think the person might maybe possibly hopefully like.

Hell, I tell ya, hell. Especially when we're shopping for the male species. They get away with a damn heart shaped necklace and here we are being like hmm…they already have a razor set, we just went to a sporting event, he'd look at me like I grew an extra seven heads and turned into his mother if I bought him clothing, lingerie is great but umm you still need an actual present, legit watches cost as much a month's rent, DVDs scream "I didn't even try", something cutesy romantic and homemade will get stuffed in the top drawer of his dresser, and then you end up right back to "I'm going to go drink my sorrows away and procrastinate some more".

Do you see my frustration here? Good, I thought so. Happy Tuesday.