Holiday Spending Cash

Oh, hello group giveaway day…we meet again. You always seem to sneak up on me and then BAM, you're in my face with all your marvelousness teasing me because I can't have you. It really just isn't fair, ya know? Because I have to sit here wishing that I could have you all to myself except for there's that one little problem being that I can't. Lame dot com times a few womp womps. 

But I guess this is good news for all of you guys since you actually are allowed to enter to win all the prizes of the world. And speaking of prizes, this month we're giving away a $100 VISA gift card to lighten the load a bit as you begin your holiday shopping. A hundo in your pocket from doing nothing?  Sign me up. Oh wait…we just discussed how that can't happen didn't we? Damn it.

We need to meet the group of ladies that helped make this all possible, though. Without them you wouldn't have the option to make your wallet a little heavier this holiday season and my sidebar would have been a whole heck of a lot less pretty. So make sure you go check out their blogs and say hello to the lovely little bunch of coconuts. They really are a great group of girls.

Kym // Renee // Sarah

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