Festive Friday // Frozen Hot Chocolate

So I'm pretty sure I've been boring you all to big fat Kim Kardashian tears with my love for all things Christmas lately. And that's probably because I've been shoving it down your throats these past couple weeks with my Festive Friday trend. The only little problem is that I don't really plan on stopping. That is until there's reindeer wrapping paper littering the floors and we're on to worrying about about whether or not we can get away with wearing dresses made entirely out of silver sequins for New Years. 

The answer to that questions is yes, by the way.

But I am going to back off ever so slightly today and provide you with something that doesn't scream "I saw Erin kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe last night". Because this morning we're making hot chocolate...frozen style! You're welcome. So turn up your heat, put on your fuzzy slippers and whip out your blenders because it's time for cooking with Two Thirds Hazel. Except for we're not cooking a single thing. So there's that.

Here's what you're going to need in order to make it happen:

6 cups of ice cubes - ones from your rubber Christmas Tree shaped ice cube tray are strongly encouraged but certainly not required.

1 cup of hot cocoa powder mix - I go with the traditional Swiss Miss packets but the Hershey's chocolate raspberry kind is to. die. for. and might be a nice switcharoo to your average cup of joe cocoa.

3 cups of milk - whole will make it smoother and creamier (and just simply better) but skim will work just fine if you're trying to keep your gut in tact this holiday season. I probably should've used straight water…

3 tablespoons of sugar - I have nothing to elaborate here other than you probably don't even need to add this seeing as how your hot cocoa mix is straight sugar already but, hey, the more the merrier right?

Pour all of the above ingredients into your blender (after you've googled instructions on how to put said blender together). Turn that sucker on the "ice chop" function and watch your frozen hot chocolate come alive right before your very eyes. Once everything has developed a consistency to your liking you'll need to pour everything unto a glass. Le duh. As you can see from the above pictures, I was feeling rather fancy this morning and went straight for the wine glass. That is after I washed the leftover Riesling remnants from the brim. True sign of alcoholism a good time right there. After that it'll be time for your last two ingredients.

1 dash of cinnamon - or just swirl a cinnamon stick or two around in there like I did since it makes you feel a whole lot more like a chef than simply sprinkling on the McCormick.

1 billion marshmallows - I'm not sure if you have a measuring cup labeled "1 Billion" or not but if you don't you should probably put it on your Christmas list for Santa to bring you. It honestly is the only amount acceptable for this concoction. If you're unfortunate enough to find yourself without the precise measurement then "a handful" will also do the trick. I guess.

And there you have it my fellow holiday elves. Your very own frozen hot chocolate. Now throw yourself a Christmas party, add some Bailey's onto your ingredient list and have yourselves one banger of a good time. Just be sure to invite me. Or else. Cheers!