A Little "Let's Get Festive" DIY

So as you can see, I caved. I'm not sure if it's the fact that "The Tree" (a 76' Norway Spruce) is currently being put up in Rockefeller Center right now or what but…there are Christmas colors and Christmas sayings and Christmas decorations on my blog. And it's only November 8th. According to that pesky countdown Twitter handle there's something like 46 days, 15 hours, 22 minutes and eleven million "All I want for Christmas" renditions left to go before the big day. But apparently, I couldn't care less.

Rudolf noses and red glitter-ball ornaments don't usually show face until after Thanksgiving in my holiday-obsessed world. But over the past couple years I honestly just can't help myself. This seriously is the absolute BEST time of the year. Better than when the spring air comes through and rips off your winter coat allowing your skin to feel the warmth of sunlight. Better than the summer months that house all things backyard BBQ and my beloved birthday. Better than the first colored leaf telling you to go ahead and pull those boots on over your sweater leggings. 

The holiday season owns me. 

It's like handing me a puppy with a big bow tied around it's neck all while skipping down the street in a tutu on my way to go down a keg of Miller Lite followed by an endless buffet of burrito bowls. There isn't a bone in my body that could possibly be negative or miserable. So if my future husband is reading this you should probably propose to me sometime between, say, mid-November to mid-December? Because I'd most likely say yes regardless of my desire to even want to.

But back to the decorations. I've tried to bring them out slowly and in small bunches. Two weekends ago it was the Christmas pillows. Last night it was the candy cane vase and some handmade festive envelopes. Both are easy peasy lemon squeezy. #hellogreysanatomy

Candy Cane Vase: Grab a circular vase, some canes, a hot glue gun and some gloves if you tend to burn your finger tips off like me. Apply the glue to the backs of each candy cane and stick them onto the vase one by one. Once you're finished, wrap a large rubber band around the entire thing so it holds while drying, tie a ribbon bow around it, and then throw in a fake plant from IKEA so you don't have to remember to be an actual responsible adult to keep it alive.

Festive Letter: I'm pretty sure this one goes without explanation. But if you are still so inclined to ask…grab a regular old envelope, some tags from your craft store, baker's twine from I have no idea where, and some paper/markers. Cut, tape, write, tie, lick the envelope and bam - you have something a whole hell of a lot prettier than the plain old white crap you're used to.

Phew, that was too many directions for me. Now I'm off to go count down the hours until I begin one heck of a bender of a binge drinking weekend. Everyone please stop for a moment sometime throughout your shenanigans this weekend to say a prayer for my ailing liver. If I'm not crawling to the nearest 32oz Gatorade and locating the closest Chipotle come Monday morning, I may start to actually believe in the powers above. I'll be sure to report back with my findings. Until then, cheers to the freakin' weekend my friends. And don't be ashamed to dabble in some holiday decor. It's good for the soul.