Wear A Hat, Keep Your Dignity?

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The minimalist. Aka Two Thirds Hazel. If you were ever given the task of summing up my wardrobe staples, you'd probably end up going with some take on "minimalism" as your answer. I tend to keep things pretty casual and simple. Dark skinnies and a button down, leggings and an over sized sweater, neutral colors everywhere you look, pajamas on a trip to Chipotle - you name it, it's all pretty laid back and effortless. That trend was no exception with this weekend's attire either. 

Black on black on black with subtle hints of sparkle and excitement thrown so as not to not bore anyone and everyone that caught a quick glimpse of me - that's what life looked like this weekend. Obviously the pieces of excitement are the gold glitter belt and the hat. I mean duh. Every single other thing I'm wearing is classic black. But sometimes that's what your life needs in that current moment. So that's exactly what I gave myself for a stroll through Central Park to clear my head Saturday morning. And thank goodness I chose Saturday for that stroll instead of Sunday because lord knows I can't even let a pinky escape from the depths of my coat pocket without fearing that it may just fall off. Temperatures are friggin' FRIGID out there!

The completely non-surprising part of this whole outfit, though? That fact that it's 75% made up of pieces from Target. Aka the happiest place on Earth and my most favorite place to buy anything from Q-Tips to cute little hats like the one I'm wearing. Apparently it's called a "cloche" (so much for that fashion degree of mine because this is all completely foreign language to me since I just go with "hat"). But I really do love that cloche. There's no way you can't feel classically elegant in it. Like all of my dignity was truly in tact in those hat wearing moments. Plus, anything gold and glittery just makes me happier than a coffee addict with a red cup in her hand, so I was pretty content on my accessory choices.

Oh and apparently my Target basket was on the same "let's get happy" track as I was. Because 90% of the Christmas aisle ended up in there, plus some Carrie Underwood on the cover of People StyleWatch and Jennifer Lawrence on InStyle. We were just a few kegs short of having ourselves our own little party in the checkout aisle. I mean if I could look like Carrie and act like J Law, life would be MADE. But I guess that's a little too much to ask (thanks for screwing me genetic gods) so I just stuck to flipping through them and broadening my fashion terms.

The party got turned up a notch or two after I was handed a $5.00 Target gift card as soon as I purchased both of the magazines (you too can get the offer up until December 7th). I mean what's better than getting handed money right after spending money? Probably nothing. Besides frozen hot chocolate and picking out your Christmas Tree of course. So you might want to go take a trip to Target and buy them yourself so you too can turn right back around and head straight to the accessories section to snatch that camel cloche, or glittery gold gorgeousness of a belt…for only TEN BUCKS! 

Because if that's not the prettiest thing you could purchase with one single bill then I'm apparently living on a separate planet that the rest of the world. Then again you didn't need a blog post to realize that now did you? Cheers to a three day work week friends!