What In The Heck Just Happened?

I went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and I was just a tad bit excited about it. But I bet you couldn't tell that from these pictures could you? I mean, I do a pretty good job of hiding things I'm geeking out about by posting umpteen pictures in a row of said things I'm geeking out about. I'm not making any sense here am I? And I'm about to make even less sense because those umpteen pictures in a row have nothing to do with what I'm posting about today.

Actually I don't even know what I'm positing about today. 

I've got nothing brewing over here other than the fact that after having been home for a week I'm finally heading back to the city today. Yes, another dreaded five hour long bus ride from Upstate New York to Manhattan. If I added up the amount of hours I've sat on this bus trip it'd probably amount to about a month's worth of my life. It's like clock work to me now. I know the schedules to and from by heart. I know how to sit in the seat closest to the aisle, stick my packed to the brim Longchamp in the seat next to me all while listening to my iTunes trying to avoid the eye contact of every single person that walks down the aisle in hopes that they won't ask to sit next to me. I know not to pack anything fancy and expensive on the top of my suitcase because sometimes bus gunk leaks onto all the bags and ruins shit. I've got it all down.

But what I don't have down lately is the whole getting on the bus and leaving home part. I used to be so good at it. I couldn't wait to get my ass out of the tiny no stoplight town I call home. I jumped for joy as soon as I saw the city skyline out the window across the Hudson River. But each time lately it's hasn't been as easy. More of a bittersweet feeling, if you will.

As much as I'm OH SO VERY excited to go back to the city and snuggle with the boy toy who I haven't seen in over a week (like seriously this is the longest we've ever been without seeing each other and I'm kind of peeing my pants over here because I'm that ready to hug the shit out of him) (like seriously I'm counting down the hours I'm that disgusting) but on top of all that I'm also sad to leave home. Yeah my dad might drive me a little screwy, yeah I might get bored because there isn't much to do around here, yeah I might go crazy trying to sleep to the sound of peepers instead of sirens...but I still love the hell out of being home. And I know my parents and grandparents love the hell out of me being here too. And that's what usually gets me when I climb back on the bus. I get sad knowing that my grandma didn't get to see me one last time before I left. I get sad knowing my mom is sad each time she sticks me on the bus. I get sad realizing how hard it must be to let your kids go back into their own world away from you and I don't even have kids to know the damn feeling.

I really just wish it was easier to be in two places at once. Or if it was possible to move New York City a little closer to Ithaca. Or if we could stop screwing around in D.C. right now and work on inventing a teleportation device for me already. Or maybe if Hogwarts could just be real so I could leave some portkeys all over the place and get around more smoothly than a five hour Shortline bus with a granola head eating cottage cheese sitting next to me.

And then I just previewed this post and remembered that it all started out with a damn pumpkin. Jesus. I never said my part of the dot com world would make logical sense but I did say it'd be worth the ride. Actually I never said that so just go with it. Welcome once again to the randomness that is Two Thirds Hazel. Oh yeah and happy October! I think that's what I had originally planned on writing about today until I got all weird and sappy. Yep that's why I just erased the words "Bring It October" out of the post title area to "What In The Heck Just Happened?"