Sometimes I Wear Real Clothes

It's not often, but sometimes my Bachelor's degree in fashion does decide to come out and play with me. That is when I'm not in yoga pants covered in mashed up banana at work or a t-shirt and undies at home.

Pants are the devil. Do not succumb to the pants if you do not have to.

Anyway, this weekend was one of those times I opened up my closet, put a few items together, and then actually put them on my body instead of stuffing them straight back into the depths of closet world. Oh, and I also did it two days in a row. I'm certainly not a fashionista but, hey, this is way better than usual. Hold your applause, I will be collecting my awards at the end of this post.

ONE: Lumberjack and Lace.

I've had an idea for an outfit like this swimming around in my head for a while now. The "skirt" is actually a dress. I threw a button down flannel over top of it, folded it up a bit so that it hit at my waist and then wrapped a belt around the whole thing. Bing bang boom, summer dress transformed for fall. You could do this with just about any combination of dress and button down/sweater so go shop your closet and try it out before you stash all those summer pieces away!

I also really love the mix of the feminine/girly lace with the bold lines and masculinity of the plaid flannel. It's like putting salt on watermelon. At first your brain is all like "Bitch are you crazy? That does not go with that." and then you let it sink in for a second and you take all those words and shove them right back in your mouth because the combination is actually two french fries short of magic.

TWO: Elbow patches.

If I had to tell you how long I've been looking for the perfect sweater that also has elbow patches I'd probably answer with "forever". I'm obsessed with elbow patches. They're small details that a huge impact on your entire look. But they seem to be hard to come by in all the places I shop. Maybe that's because I just don't shop? Yeah, I'd say that's it.

Enter In Bloom Boutique. Not only do they have a cardigan with elbow patches but they also have a cardigan with elbow patches that is grey and white striped. Hello, can you say Erin's heaven in clothing form? Grey and white and striped all over is my life motto. Slap on some patches to match my favorite pair of fall boots and we're in business. Oh and apparently the wind was too in every single one of these pictures. My apologies to the press.

Nothing like taking selfies in the mirrored windows of a Bank of America in order to get a full view of your outfit right? Somebody needs to get herself a tripod convince the boyfriend that "personal photographer for my girlfriend's blog" would look good on his resume. Because ain't nobody got time for city scaffolding in the background of outfit pictures. 

Anyway, I want my house to be that dark blueish charcoal and I want my door to be red. I decided that as soon as I stumbled upon this little row of gems in the Upper East Side. Anyway (take two) this cardigan is my new best friend. It's like wearing a blanket. A really good looking blanket at that.

And you can get your hands on your own (and anything else in the shop) for 15% off plus free shipping! All you need to do is head on over to their site, start shopping, and use the promo code "TwoThirds15" to get your discount. Happy shopping!



Today I have Lindsay from Pursuit of Pink hanging out down here. You can be sure to find almost anything on her blog as she talks about daily happenings from her life as well as her personal style, beauty, recipes and so much more. Oh and she has an adorable baby and a squishy little puppy. What more could you ask for?

I just had a baby two months ago and she quickly became the center of my universe. Baby K is featured on my blog all. the. time. I just can’t get enough of that little lady. It’s crazy how something so tiny can rule the household. Speaking of ruling the household, our dog JoJo insists that we let him sleep a minimum of 19 hours a day. What a little diva! But we love him too much to change those super lazy habits. Check out this letter that I wrote to JoJo, it will give you a clue as to what kind of crazy we live with. And finally, rounding out my family is my husband Tolar. He might be more excited about my blog than I am. In his down time he is a rockstar, head banging while playing the drums or getting his hand on virtually any instrument he can. But he allows me to be the rockstar of blog land - I may or may not let him take over my blog from time to time. We live in our nation’s capital, but I try not to let politics interfere too often, I mean life is way more fun talking about eyeshadow and accessories, right?