Sometimes Blogging Is Really Weird

If this is your first time stopping by in the last couple days, you'll probably notice things look a little different around here. Welcome to the new and improved Two Thirds Hazel if you are that person. If you weren't tardy to class and were here yesterday, well then you get a gold star and a thank you from me for being so sweet with your comments about the new look. I'm really loving the simplicity and cleanliness of it all. White space is a web site's best friend; don't be afraid of the white space people.
Or, apparently, the dark and gloomy space every once and a while either. It can actually be quite comforting. Or maybe that's just my sick and twisted heart that actually enjoys the clouds looking like they could dump buckets on me at any point in time.
Good morning gloomy New York City
While I was hanging out on the balcony drinking my morning joe of Swiss Miss marshmallow madness  hot chocolate (hello inner six year old) I got to thinking about blogging. Probably because I took the picture without the mug in it at first and then realized it wasn't very "blogger" of me so I raised a glass to the gloom and let loose. Obviously I don't get as many points as the fashionistas that seem to have Starbucks cups super glued to their decked out arm party hands but, hey, I tried.
Back to the blogging thing, though. If you get to thinking about it, it's a pretty weird ass world we like to come and play in every day. It doesn't matter if you're the one with the blog or the one reading the blog; it's all strange as shit. Let's check out a few reasons why.

1) First there's the fact that I come here five out of seven days a week (usually) and actually write something seemingly worthwhile each time. That's some dedication right there. The only other things I'm more dedicated to in life are The Bachelor, dipping everything in ranch dressing and Christmas decorating. 
2) Then there's the fact that people actually come here to read about such pointless nonsense as my recap on who got the first impression rose or my desperate need to have a Grinch themed Christmas party. It honestly blows my mind sometimes. Except for I'm the exact same way with the blogs I read. Before I knew what a blogger feed or Bloglovin was, I used to refresh Little Baby Garvin about four times an hour to see if she posted anything new. I couldn't wait to get my eyeballs on the latest updates of her life. And that right there is creepier than a drunken homeless man whipping his peen out in front of you while walking through Times Square. Not that that's happened to me before or anything.
3) Or how about the part where people actually pay money to put a picture of their face and the title of their site on someone else's blog. I'm not Target or Kate Spade. I don't have any exciting products to market. I'm just throwing a picture of my face getting licked by a puppy on someone else's personal site in hopes of enticing some random soul to come read about my life. Try explaining that to someone who doesn't know a thing about blogging and they'll ask you what kind of crack you're smoking.
4) Oh and then there are those times when a really "big" blogger will post a picture of themselves baking a cake or something and their readers will be all like "Oh my hell, I need that shirt like yesterday! Can you tell me where you got it?" and "I love those boots, are they from Target?" and "Ahh is that Essie Smokin' Hot? Where did you get it, I can't find it anywhere!" You know, all relatively acceptable and normal questions to ask right? But then there are those other fangirls who are SO obsessed that they start needing to copy every single thing down to the brand of fucking flour the chick is using to bake her cake. Holy whoa. 
5) And last but certainly not least. There's even a separate website dedicated solely to hating on specific bloggers. (this one right here is the strangest part of all of blogging to me) We're all weird for blogging in the first place right? We're all equally as insane for signing up to spill our life stories to the Internet world without knowing who could really be reading. An old boss? Your 8th grade gym teacher? Your boyfriend's distant relative? You never really know, so it's pretty weird that we continue pouring our guts out in these blank boxes every day. But then some of these weirdos (myself not included) then go on to participate in this Mean Girls burnbook of a website to bash fellow weirdos. That shit STRANGE.

And that concludes today's pile of weird. P.S. If you haven't entered the Pinktober Giveaway to help raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer research you should probably get a move on. You could win over $500 worth of stuff. A $300 gift card to Victoria's Secret being one of them. All you have to do is feel yourself up to enter!