Someday I Will...

I've been saying "someday I will participate in some one's link up again" for quite a while now. It's funny how in the beginning of this blogging journey I would only have a post to share for the day if there was a linkup out there for me to hop on the bandwagon for. I would even post twice a day (GASP!) if I had something of my own to share. I just thought that was how you did things. And while there really aren't any fine-tuned "rules" to this blog game, that's just not something that the majority of bloggers do. You pick the linkup or you pick your own brain's mishmash to post out into cyberspace. Yet here I am now, barely ever linking up for anything even though my brain doesn't always have mishmash to share in place of it.

That all changes today though because Taylor (the most genius and hilarious blogger there ever was) came up with a "Someday I will…" party. And I'm really glad I get to be invited since my brain doesn't really know how to recover from shelling out the relationship advice that was yesterday's post. So let's just get right into this thing.

1// Someday I will…go to Target and not spend a dime on things I do not need.

2// Someday I will…stop lying on my blog. I will always spend dimes in Target. And I did need that Sweet Spun Sugar candle. It is divine. And I hate using that word so that should tell you that I really mean it.

3// Someday I will…get my ass to Sephora and make them teach me how to do that face contouring thing with makeup. Because the tutorials on Pinterest just make the chicks look like baby deers until everything gets blended and that shit scares the dayhighlights out of me.

4// Someday I will…be able to go to the craft store and not get carded for buying a can of spray paint.

5// Someday I will…be able to put furniture together without the help of alcoholic beverages. But until they decide it'd be a great idea to add some actual WORDS to the directions, drink up bitches!

6/ Someday I will…ACTUALLY GET MY OWN DAMN PUPPY! Then again I've been saying this at least one a week since I created this blog. So there's that.

7// Someday I will…be able to watch Revenge and not compare my boyfriend to Daniel Grayson. Nah, I'd actually rather not be able to do that. #hunkfest #hesgoingtokillmeforthis

8// Someday I will…realize a mug of hot chocolate and a Reese's Pumpkin are not part of a well balanced breakfast. Just call me Buddy The Elf and let's get on with it.

9// Someday I will…hold tight to my morals and not decorate for Christmas until December 1st arrives. But last year I couldn't make it to Thanksgiving and this year I put pillows on my couch before Halloween. Obviously my morals aren't too important to me?

10// Someday I will…make myself a tulle skirt because I want to roam through the streets of NYC like Carrie Bradshaw. Except I don't want to drop $80+ on a circle of see-through fabric that I'll have to wear a skirt under anyway so you don't see my hooha. Oh hey, I found my morals.