Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Oh hey Monday, you're actually a real Monday for me this week. You're not the worst thing ever since I spent the majority of my weekend doing absolutely nothing but post up on the couch relaxing and preparing for your arrival. But then again you are still a Monday and no Monday is ever a good thing. That is until The Bachelor makes its return. Hey Juan Pablo, need any help with those soccer balls of yours? Heyyooo.

Anyway, I'm officially back at work. For the new crew around here, I'm a nanny for the cutest little sixteen month old bundle of cuddles ever. I was a bit nervous walking in the door this morning just because I never know how the little man will react to seeing me after having been away for almost twenty days. But all went as smooth as could be and he started pointing out the window and yelling "CAHHH, CAHHH!" aka his way of saying "Hey Erin there are cars outside" as soon as he saw me. And then he threw his breakfast on the floor and shit in his diaper immediately after. Ahh, it feels great to be back. And I mean that in the most serious way possible. Because if I had to go back to a "real" job sitting at a desk answering thousands of emails, taking orders from a boss and not being able to blog I'd probably have quit a minute after walking in the door this morning. I get depressed just thinking about it. Gah.

But since I have the best job ever, I can sit here catching up on last night's Revenge all while eating Honey Nut Cheerios and blogging about my weekend. 'Tis the life my friends. Speaking of the weekend, let's get to it. It's going to be quick and painless because, like I said, it was a pretty lazy one. Here we go.

ONE // Friday night was spent at two birthday parties. The first was at Delmonico's way the hell downtown in the Financial District. This is where I found someone who likes corn more than I do because he receive corn stalk balloons when we sang the birthday song. CORN. BALLOONS. I was like wait, for real? Can I be your friend...and then jack those? This is also where I found out that companies still make Polaroid cameras. Obviously the quality of the photos are shaky (get it?) hence the ghostlike appearance of our faces, but it was still exciting to have to wait the two minutes to slowly see the picture show up.

After that we headed to yet another birthday party at Public House which was short lived because some one's nude pumps decided to eat away at her heels so badly that she needed everything short of a piggy back ride to get home. Thank you Target for the cute heels and perfect price point but no thank you for the band aids that my boyfriend had to stick on my blisters the next morning because of you.

TWO, THREE and FOUR // Saturday was a lazy day filled with nothing but couch snuggling, movie watching, and Mexicaning. Making up words is fun. So is buying all the ingredients needed to make homemade frozen strawberry margaritas and getting take out Chipotle (am I ever going to have a blog post that doesn't mention Chipotle?) Top all that goodness off with some Despicable Me minions and you have yourself a solid Saturday night in the life of Erin. Thrilling, I know.

You will also notice that there are absolutely no pictures from Sunday in this weekend recap. And that's because the Giants blew it, yet again. Now I know how those other teams from New York constantly feel. It's just depressing all around. Kinda like when you put on your last pair of clean underwear and realize that you actually have to do laundry. But I do really like my Sunday Fundays and a shitty football team does the opposite of make it fun. I've been learning the trick to this ever so slowly over the past five weeks, though. Drink. And drink some more. Or just shut the tv off altogether, whichever gets the job done quicker.