Random Wednesday

You know when you grab your mail out of the box and then walk straight from there to the recycling bin so you can throw away four credit card offers, a letter from your college asking for a donation, a packet of free address labels and six magazine subscriptions addressed to the previous tenant of your apartment which then causes you to pout because you didn't get any "fun" mail? Yeah, yesterday wasn't one of those days. 

Because yesterday I received this pretty little number:

To say I'm obsessed is an understatement. I mean just look at the thing. It's like the clouds aligned and shot down a lighting bolt full of glorious golden nuggets straight onto this hanger. If you combine anything girly, glam and gold into one thing you will then have to unwrap my heart from the happy little bow that has formed around it. And guess what, someones needs to come unwrap my heart as fast as I can unwrap a hard shell from Taco Bell right about now because this little number from Pearls and Pastries is the bomb dot edu.

The only problem is that it's so pretty it's making everything around it look bad. I don't have any fancy LBD's to hang from it and, frankly, I don't know if I ever will let anything hang from it. It deserves to stand alone. Which is exactly why it's currently just hanging from the shelf in my room right now until I find a worth enough space for it.

Maybe next to some T-Bell wrappers? Ya prolly not. I guess we'll have to wait on that one. 

So while that story remains in the "to be continued" category of life we have some other news to discuss. My mom posted this picture on Facebook last night with a caption under it that contained the words "first boo boo" and "stitches". Gah, my poor little beaut of a baby! 

Apparently the little monster caught her leg on the bottom of a chain link fence and needed to get patched up because of it. But now my parents have the thrilling task of trying to keep that duct tape wrapped around her bandaged up leg so she doesn't chew through those stitches. Duct tape > cone around your neck. Lets just say I'm glad she's not my dog at the moment because that crazy kid does more damage to her surroundings than a tornado would in Manhattan. 

Which, apparently, we had a warning for a couple days ago according to the eleventy and a half thousand notifications The Weather Channel decided was necessary to send me. I just can't really imagine what a tornado would look like ripping down the streets of Manhattan, though. There's just simply not enough room for something so large and ravenous to fit into such a small and fragile place. But that's only what she said and not what Dorothy said wasn't it?

And in true "Two Thirds Hazel is the most random blog I've ever read" fashion...we will now transition from sex to seriousness... 

I walked home from my 68th and Lex subway stop yesterday evening after work and happened to step foot (literally) on this pretty little thing:

I'm not sure if it was the mood I was in (emotional), the song I was listening to (Laura Palmer by Bastille) (best song ever, go listen to it) or the fact that I was just trying to avoid the gaze of the dude that had been walking at the same exact speed as me for three whole avenues (creepy as fuck) but something made me spot it. Okay I take all of that garbage back, I spotted it because it was the only effing leaf on the entire sidewalk and it was as red as a cystic stress pimple. 

Duh, it was kind of hard to miss. But apparently everyone else on the sidewalk did...

There goes Erin though, bending over to pick up a leaf from the sidewalks of New York City just so she can pause by a tree bed (a perfectly yellow fall-like one at that) to get a good Instagram shot. Try to forget about the homeless man's ass that could have slept in that same exact spot last week or the dog that probably took a doo doo there two days ago. Just relish in the beauty of that leaf. Because it really is beautiful. That one perfectly unharmed blood-red leaf all by it's lonesome in the middle of all the chaos that was ensuing during Manhattan's rush hour commute in that moment.

It's the little things and the little moments like these that force me to stop dead in my tracks and simply remember to keep finding life's beautiful treasures. Whether they have shit stain remnants on them or not. And there's your life motto for the day my friends. Over and out.