Loving and Loathing - Halloween Edition!

1// Umm how flippin' floppin' cute is that damn cat, I mean, bat cat?! I don't even like cats but this little ball of fluff could most certainly change my mind. Although I'm pretty sure those eyes belong to a sad puppy dog face and not a stinky old cat. 

2// Okay this one isn't so much of a Halloween love but more of a "let's turn all those healthy fall apples we just picked into something that is the complete opposite" love. Why I haven't made myself sixteen pans of this Snickers caramel apple salad is honestly beyond me. If you're drooling from the picture head on over to this website to learn how to make some of your own. And then ship it straight to me. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

3// I'm really not into all of the ghoulish Halloween decor. I'd rather have pink bows and cozy blankets scattered all over my apartment than fake blood and Scream masks. But this skull pillow (found here) is just so pretty that I think even I could make it work. That is if it stops costing eighty freaking dollars...

4// My heart actually aches knowing pumpkins are about to be on their way out of town. They're just so festive and fun and I wish I could have one tied up in a big black and white bow sitting outside my door every day of the year.

1// The fact that I ate Chipotle on Sunday and last night and STILL want to go again tonight because of this little party they're throwing in honor of Halloween. Umm how can I pass this up?! I just simply cannot. But that also means I'll have eaten Chipotle three times so far this week…and it's only Thursday.

2// The fact that so many people all over Blogland seem to be hating on Halloween. I can't seem to wrap my head around it. This little blogerina over here LIVES for any and all excuses to be able to dress up. If you're having a themed party I will make myself an invitation. If a holiday is happening you better believe I'm conjuring up some color-coordinated outfit in my head. I'm obsessed. 

3// When girls throw on a black dress with a pair of animal ears and consider themselves in costume. I mean I guess I'll give you an A for effort but since I'm all about #1 up there, I really wish you'd just try a little harder you know? 

4// When girls judge other girls who dress up "slutty" for Halloween. I'm not a hoe by any means but I'll use that "one day a year/get out of the slut jail" free card until I'm too old to pull off thigh high fish nets. And that age is certainly not 24. So to the "Judgy McJudgertons" I say get the stick out of your asshole. And to the "Barely There Chicks" I say make sure your tatas, hooha, and ass crack is covered, or else you really are a slorstitute.