Just Call Me Crazy

This past week has been a bit all over the place for me since I've been on vacation and have no real schedule to follow. Hence why there hasn't been much to feast your eyeballs on around here lately. It's funny how being on vacation and having all the time in the world to blog makes it harder for me to find  all the time in the world to blog. How's that for making absolutely zero sense? But it's true. I can whip out a blog post in an hour at work while my nanny kid naps but give me an entire day off and I'll choose to plow through my DVR list for seventeen hours, "vacuum" my carpet with my hands (I don't own a real vacuum) and Instagram my bowl of Chipotle instead of even thinking twice about opening my laptop. 

Anyway, today marks the last day of my two and a half week vacation and I have the sadz about it. You're welcome to puke on me after reading that last sentence. But whatever, I planned on sleeping in until at least ten am this morning. 

Guess who was up at 5:30 trying to shut her brain off from the Grinch themed Christmas party she had swirling around in her head? Yeah, that'd be yours truly. I'm not exactly sure why The Grinch popped into my head before the sun even had but as soon as it did I knew I needed to have an ugly sweater Christmas party centered around it. Because, well, I'm obsessed with Christmas, and the movie, and obviously any party that I get to dress up in a crazy outfit for (I'm thinking my red tutu will work for this, no?) So I said to myself, "Self...you are one smart self. We shall have a Grinch themed Christmas party if it's the last thing we do."

So that led me to writing ideas down in my Notes app on my phone, texting Meghan to ask if it was acceptable to get a dog solely for the reason of dressing it up as Max, scouring Pinterest to see if anyone else had done a Grinch party, realizing they had but determining right then and there that myyy Grinch part would be better, and then texting my boyfriend to say "Guess what, we're having a Grinch party." in which he replied "Cool, but I haven't seen the movie." in which my mind immediately said "DA FUQQQ YOU TALKIN' 'BOUT WILLIS?!" but instead of texting that I simply replied with numerous "hands on cheeks, half blue/half yellow, shocked to all shit" emojis. 

Oh and then I of course tweeted about the horror that was finding out that my boyfriend hasn't seem one of my all-time favorite movies and one of Christmas' ultimate classics. And you guys didn't disappoint in your shock and awe either. And this is wonderful because now I will have leverage to shove in his face if he objects to me forcing him to watch it when the thermometer is still pushing eighty around these parts of the globe.

But now I sit here wondering if I should start planning a Christmas party when I haven't even made my Halloween costume yet. I feel as if the holiday karma fairy would get me for doing such a thing like that. Someone come straight jacket me until they can talk some sense into this holiday crazed head of mine. Because before you know it those three bags full of last year's Target clearance Christmas decor  that are stashed away in my closet will be upchucking themselves all over my apartment. I. Can't. Wait.

But I will try. I promise. But solely for the sake of all things Hocus Pocus.

And that brings us to Erin has nothing else to discuss with you today other than the fact that if you haven't read yesterday's post then she's decided to longer be your friend. I figured talking in the third person made it sound more serious but I think that backfired. On a serious note though, go read it, and then find it in your heart to help a sister out by supporting a good cause. And if you're a good little girl and eat your vegetables donate then you'll get a cookie free ad space. So hop on over and check it out . NOW. Thank you.

Oh and P.S. If you jack my idea and throw a Grinch themed Christmas party before I do I will hunt you down with a brand spankin' new ream of paper and give you more paper cuts than you thought was humanly possible. Don't mess with a girl and her desire to dress up for holidays. I will cut you. Literally. Oh yeah, Happy Friday lovelies :)


Today I'm introducing you to Kayla from Keeping Up With K. Her dream is to open up a bakery in NYC. I won't ever buy anything from her since, you know, I'm weird as shit and don't like any of those doughy baked items, but it sure would be cool to know a blogger with a bakery in my city. Check out more from her in the questions below and then hop on over to say hi!

1. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Steak. This is why I failed at being a vegetarian

2. Describe yourself in ten words.
Small town girl, dreamer, alcohol enthusiast, tattooed, loves traveling and SHOPPING

3. If I handed you eleventy million dollars what would you do with it?
I would buy Adam Levine with eleventy million dollars. And then I would use HIS money to travel the world. With him by my side of course.

4. See more from Kayla over here:
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