I've Got A Disease

No not a real one, so don't worry about that "get well soon" card you're in the middle making me right now. Although I thank you tremendously for being so thoughtful and kind. But this disease is one that I made up in this terrible, no good, very bad brain of mine. And I'm going to stick this monster of a disease in a petry dish and magnify the situation a little. Or a lot, depending on how long I feel like making this blog post.

Disease name: 
The "I Always Want What I Don't Have" disease. It's a little too long of a name to fit on WebMD at the moment so I'll be sure to work on it as I continue to develop more and more symptoms as the days progress. 

Disease overview: 
"I Always Want What I Don't Have" (IAWWIDH) is similar to its sister disease "I Always Want What I Can't Have". Except for it relates more to things that are possible (and usually rather easy) to obtain. It's not about wishing you had 157 million dollars stuffed under your floor boards like Walter White. That's something you can't have. That is unless you decide to go cook meth, and in that case I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Just make that shit blue okay? The disease I'm discussing today relates more to every day things that many millions of Americans already have, yet the sufferer does not. 

Disease cases: 
1// The girl in college who made banged out every class she needed to take in order to graduate in 2.5 years instead of 4 because she wanted to be a grown up with a real life. Things she didn't have in her college days of drinking punch out of plastic tubs in frat houses. She wanted the life she didn't have. But now that she has it she wishes she could go back to the days of buying cranberry juice out of the dorm building's vending machine to mix with vodka in a water bottle to pregame on the campus bus while heading to the bars.
(the red punch-stained tongue, the bucket, the frat house - it's all there)
2// Or for instance, the girl who lives in one of the most exciting cities in the county yet finds herself wanting to move to the suburbs of some random state just so she can have an actual front door and a porch to stick a pumpkin on. But she knows as soon as she gets that house in the burbs and doesn't have the hustle and bustle of New York City all around her she's going to want to hop on the next train back just so she can feel alive again.
(view from Manhattan looking across the Hudson River)
3// Or how about the girl who sees picture after picture of all the cute little nuggets trying on Halloween costumes that make her have baby fever so much that she wonders why she doesn't have a kid of her own already. She wants to decorate a nursery and turn toddler food into cute pictures just because she doesn't have that life. But then someone slaps the crazy out of her and makes her remember that as soon as she has to wake up every two hours she'll wish to all hell she was back to the life of sleeping straight through until morning.
(at least I have a little man to nanny and turn fruit into candy corn for)
***Please note: none of these have any correlation to my life. They are all instances of me speaking for friends***
***Please also note: I suffer from the "Compulsive Lying" disease as well as IAWWIDH***
Disease cures:
This is the part I'm stuck on. I don't think there really is a cure for this horrible disease. There's always the route of looking up quotes on Pinterest until you find the ones that talk about living in the moment and not worrying about the past or the future because the present is the best place to be, yadda yadda.  But that's all a bunch of crap because it's too damn hard to live in the "right now"without thinking about all of the other stuff not happening in the "right now". I pick one thing and then I want the other. I want something until I finally have it and then as soon as I finally have it I don't want it anymore because I want the old one back. It's a vicious, vicious cycle my friends.
I guess the trick of it all is determining which of the things are things you actually want and which of the things are just things you think you want because you don't currently have them. And then maybe just drink some more alcohol. Because I'm 100% certain that's a thing we always want.
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