Five Random Facts Friday

Welcome to another edition of Erin doesn't have too much substance to share with you today so she's just going to ramble on about herself instead. Although I'm pretty sure these are all things I've never mentioned here before so yay for doing something other than reiterate the fact that I like puppies, beer and mexican food. Except for I just reiterated all of that again didn't I? Shit. 

Bare with me, it's been a long week between going back to work after a twenty something day vacation, putting together yesterday's Pinktober giveaway, and trying to deal with the fact that every blog I've ever designed is currently messed up because one of the sites I use to design and code everything crashed mid-week. Great. Just great. If you ever wanted to see me in a state of shock and terror you should've been sitting next to me around lunchtime on Tuesday. After I shit a brick (or four) I ripped a few hairs out of my head in true Erin fashion. Oh, and then I calmed the eff down and realized there wasn't much I could do about the situation. Other than go back and re-do parts of every single blog I've ever designed that is. So if you're one of my design clients, pretty please continue to bare with me a bit longer and I'll get everything sorted out. I solemnly do swear that I am up to no good.

But let's move on to those not so important important things you don't know about me because I haven't ever written them down for you to read.

1) I like sleeping with a bra on. 
No you are not hallucinating. Yes I did actually say that I like sleeping with a bra on. I may be the only chick on the face of the free world that feels this way. All of those pins that say things like "Of course I'm not going back out of the house, I already took my bra off." or "The best part of my day is when I can unhook my bra." yeah, I can't relate to you bare-boobed citizens. And I really have no explanation behind my reasoning for it. Other than the fact that I need a bra on in order to not look like a twelve year old but that's neither here nor there.

2) I am the complete opposite of a germaphobe.
I take that back, I'm not the complete opposite. It's not like I'm over here licking door knobs and ladling toilet water into my mouth or anything. But it is true that I couldn't care less about using a toilet seat cover let alone sitting my bare butt down on the seat. I'd eat food off of (most) floors. It's not a life or death situation if I can't wash my hands after holding the subway pole. I also eat street meat (gasp!) and I've never once gotten a flu shot. But guess what, I'm pretty sure I've only gotten sick one measly time since my sophomore year of high school. So take that all you "cleanliness is everything" freaks!

3) I don't like having a lot of friends.
I'm really bad at being friends with people. I mean, let's get serious, I'm friendlier with quite a few of you blogsters than I am with people in my real life. I'm absolutely one of those girls that has her three or four best friends that she's constantly communicating with but completely fails at it with anyone outside of that close circle. But I like it that way. I have no desire to try to keep up with bajillions of people because it just seems so time consuming and exhausting. I only need my bests to keep me going strong.

4) I pee a lot. A whole lot.
If it wasn't too much information I'd tell you that I have to go right now. But I did that anyway. On a serious note though, my bladder is the size of a thimble...from a Polly Pocket. It's ridiculous really. Especially when beers are involved. It's to the point that one of the first lines I'd throw out on dates would be "I pee a lot, so don't think I'm pulling any crazy stunts when I get up to go to the bathroom every fifteen minutes." No joke, I said that word for word to my boyfriend within the first hour of meeting him. It's his fault he stuck around, though, not mine. And yes I do actually pee every fifteen minutes when I'm drinking. Do they make pills for this sort of problem?

5) I love flying on airplanes and being in airports.
It's been a thing of mine ever since I was little and took my first plane ride to Disney World in the hideous purple windbreaker (with matching windbreaker pants) that my mother insisted on me wearing. But I remember loving the hell out of being on that airplane. And ever since I've always gotten this rush of excitement every time I step foot in the airport. Something about walking through security with your carryon, getting called to the gate, buckling up and shooting down the runway is just so invigorating for me.
First trip to Disney with the epic windbreaker tied around my waist

So there you have it, five random ass facts about little ol' me that you surely would've had FOMO about if you hadn't stopped by here today. And if that's not the case then just try to keep that to yourself why don'tcha. I'm off to count down the hours left in the day before I head upstate once again to go see the famdamily. Except this time the lil broski will be home and the boyfriend will be coming with me to meet him for the first time. Oh, and the boyfriend will also driving. HELL YES TO NO FIVE HOUR BUS RIDE! Have a great weekend kids.