Dinner and a Movie

It has happened. I've turned into one of those girls that specifies a night of the week as "Date Night". Barf on a stick and throw it in the fire. I'm not even sure who I've even become at this point. But we don't really need to dwell on that today. Let's just discuss last night's date night instead. We didn't do anything too crazy, just your usual dinner and a movie along with every other couple in the entire world. But dinner and a movie is never just dinner and a movie when dinner is Benihana and the movie is in IMAX 3D.
Seriously, if you ever want to find the way straight to my heart just stuff some hibachi steak and chicken combo in my face and let me watch a little Asian man make a choo choo train out of an onion tower. You'll have one happy Erin for the remainder of the night, let's just put it that way.

I didn't get to see Tracy Morgan there or get my picture printed out on one of their cute little cards like the last time I went but I did throw back one hell of a delicious peach Bellini (and most certainly tied that cherrie's stem in my mouth and proceeded to slyly stick it on the boyfriend's plate) (I like to keep it classy obviously). I also managed to save at least half of my meal just so I could box it up and eat it again for dinner tonight. And that right there is the best part about getting hibachi. The leftovers sit there soaking up all the goodness of flavors all day and somehow manage to taste even better the second time around. I don't hate it. I don't hate it one bit.

After dinner we decided to be "that couple" and took a picture in front of the LOVE sculpture on 55th and 6th.

But I didn't do it to be all gross and mushy. I did it to make Whitney mad because she asked me last week if I'd take a picture of her and Bear in front of it if they came to visit. Obviously I said yes. But obviously I had to do it myself first and then send it to her just to be the brat that I am. The sculpture is also one measly block away from Benihana so I mean, why not right?

P.S. ever since that one post with those awesome photos I really cannot get passed how completely and utterly shitty every single one of my iPhone pictures are. It's like trying to go back to the cheap kind of toilet paper at your own apartment after you leave the double ply soft shit at your parents' house. It's not as chaffing but it's just as bad.

Moving away from bathroom images and on to the movie portion of this date. We saw Gravity in IMAX 3D.

Aka we spent enough money on two movie tickets to send an eighteen year old kid to college for a year or two. Kidding. But in all seriousness, is it really necessary to charge $47 for two movie tickets? 

I think not mister movie price setter.

But then again I grew up in a town that had a $3 theater and I still haven't gotten over how ridiculously frequent this city decides it's perfectly acceptable to rape me up the ass without even washing its hands after. So after all of that, I was praying it was going to be an awesome movie. You know, since we probably could've done some other pretty exciting things with fifty bucks. Like buy not even half a month's worth of subway transportation costs. Okay I'm getting off track, this is not a "bash NYC cost of living" blog post. 

But this is a "don't go see Gravity if it costs you more than $FREE.99 because it wasn't good" post. Yeah it was cool to see all the space stuff and realize that none of it was filmed in actual space. Yeah it was awesome to see George Clooney's face even if it was under an astronaut helmet the entire time. Yeah it was great watching one of my favorite actresses, Sandra Bullock, for 90 minutes (even though I just realized she has NO ass). But other than that? I felt nothing. There wasn't any background to the storyline. You kind of just get tossed into space, never learn much about the characters, and stay there throughout 99% of the entire movie. I wanted more, like the annoying AT&T commercial chick wants more. 

Today marks the first day of my new sponsor spotlight feature for large ad spots. Every once in a while I'll be introducing you to someone in the form of three pictures from their life. They'll be pictures of themselves, pictures of their favorite things, pictures of their pooches, pictures of their keg stand days from college. You name it, anything goes. Then they'll provide you with three bullet points explaining what each picture means to them. I think this will be a fun and quick way to get to know new bloggers!

The first up to bat in my new game is Melyssa who runs the circus over at The Nectar Collective. Enjoy!

1. This is a picture of me on a recent trip to Thailand! I live in Tokyo (though I'm originally from California!), so I get to pop over to SouthEast Asia every now and then. This time I got the chance to meet ELEPHANTS and it was incredible! (do you see that baby elephant behind me?) *swoon* 

2. This is my corgi puppy (otherwise known as soulmate furchild), Monja. He only has two settings: batshit insane and asleep, but I love them both more than I could really ever explain. This is a picture of him in his jaguar disguise. You didn't even realize you were staying at a dog, did you?

3. Lastly, this is my new baby (don't tell Monja). It's an e-course called Everyday Happy which is a 6-week happiness bootcamp that aims to empower women to become unquestionably confident, unfathomably fearless, and contagiously happy. It starts October 1st and I would love for you to join me on this soul-searching experience.