A Fall Filled Weekend

It's Monday. I don't know how this damn day sneaks up on me so fast but here it is rearing it's ugly head without fail once again. And I swear it shows up even quicker after you had a great weekend with family and friends because that's exactly what I was doing the past couple days. The boyfriend and I drove upstate to my house Friday night so that we could see my lil broski and his girlfriend who were also home. We didn't get in until after midnight but that surely didn't stop my mom from handing us beers as soon as we walked in the door. I learned from the best of 'em, obviously.

The next morning we all headed to the brewery for lunch (and beers of course) before heading to Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca. There's nothing like being in a city full of gorges in the heart of fall. It's like walking through a postcard you'd mail to your grandmother. So obviously we had to take lots and lots of pictures. And by "we" I mean my good family friend "Jeff" who brought his DSLR along for the ride. If I didn't think I needed one of those babies before then I definitely think I need one now. Holy good lord does it do cartwheels around my poor little iPhone 5. And if you don't believe me just take a look at this first picture (taken with my iPhone) compared to all the rest (taken with the mighty fine camera).

And there's the whole famdamily. Boyfriend, me, lil broski, his girlfriend, mom, and dad. How precious.

After walking the falls it was time for some good ol' family competition in the form of pumpkin carving and beer pong playing. So we stopped to pick up some punks, two thirty racks of beer, and a big box of pong balls to get the party started. And boy did we get the party started. But first, we went all out on the pumpkin carving part. Or at least I did because holiday traditions are basically what I was born for. Add that in with some healthy competition and you have one happy Erin.

We were supposed to compete in teams of couples. Aka my mom and dad on one team, our two family friends on another, broski and gf, then me and bf. Except for my brother blurted out that he wanted to carve a minion as his pumpkin and I went all little girl crazy on him and screamed "you stole my idea, that's not fair, I'M doing a minion pumpkin." So then I just decided to be on his team and make the boyfriend carve with broski's girlfriend. You know, because I'm such a sweetheart like that pawning my boyfriend off so that I can win a game.

After all of that completely intense carving concentration, the pumpkins were officially finished. So we gave each of them a letter and put the picture of them all on Facebook so we could ask the land of everyone to leave a comment with the correlating letter of their favorite. 

Sixty something comments later and I the minion won. Of course. I mean who can really compete with a tiny little nugget of a cartoon character that says "baaaboy" and is still the cutest thing on earth? That's right, no one. Don't mess with a girl and her little kid movies, you will lose every damn time.

After all of the pumpkin carving madness ended we played some pong, drank seventy million beers, invited a bunch of people over, and had a bonfire that was about fifteen feet high. I somehow managed to not burn my face off (if only you could get a tan from bonfires right?) and remained sober. Ask me how and I won't be able to tell you. I think my liver has become immune to marathons of day drinking. Here's to never growing up.