A Brand New Kinda Me

Well well well, look what we have here. Not exactly a brand new kinda me but definitely a brand spankin' new kinda blog design (try to sing that one Alicia Keys). It's been a long and drawn out nine months since I've given this puppy a fun face lift. P.S. nine months is a long. damn. time. I don't understand how all you pregnant chicks do that baby stuff for so long let alone not drink beers for so long. I shudder at the thought. Oh and speaking of babies, I should probably go refill my bc prescription on the way home from work today... 

I digress.

Opening a page and seeing the same exact design a few times a day, every day, for months on end can get a little, shall we say, boring. So I figured it was about time I changed things up around here. For my sake, not yours (although I hope you really like it too). I tried to put it off for as long as possible but once the design bug catches hold of you it doesn't stop itching until you whip open Photoshop and get to work. So that's exactly what I did. As well as meandered my way through Pinterest looking for things that inspired me. Ya know, things that were colors other than the two I had in my previous design. But alas, I cannot yet peel my throbbing heart away from the pinks and the golds. 

If it ain't broke don't fix it. That is unless it's your leg or your shattered iPhone screen or something. Both equally important things needed to maintain a functional life here on Earth...

I also threw in some charcoal grey this time because we all know how much I'm obsessed with all things grey. I mean it is my last name and all, so I guess it's just in my blood. Plus, as soon as I saw the walls of the apartments in yesterday's post I knew the color was going to have to join the party. It's just so bold and beautiful; the perfect juxtaposition to the precious pinks and girly gold I used. Juxtaposition. That made me feel smart for a solid six and a half seconds.

Aww man, would you just look at those little Polaroids I made. I think I need to have a set of them in every blog post from here on out. Or maybe just plastered on an entire wall in my apartment? So old school and adorable. 

But anyway, back the blog design. It's about 90% complete. You're probably wondering why I decided to jump the gun before it was 100% complete. Actually you're probably not wondering that but whatever. Whitney decided she needed a new design as well as soon as I showed her a preview of mine yesterday, so she went ape shit crazy and banged one out in an eighth of the time it took me. But I obviously couldn't let her have all the fun so here we are a little earlier than scheduled. 

But that means there are still a few kinks I'm trying to work out while I also continue ripping my hair out at all things Blogger HTML. I'm not sure who's sitting up in the corporate offices at Blogger headquarters but I'd say it's about time they started running the joint instead of smoking it. Because lord knows there's no reason shit needs to be that complicated once you enter the land of all things design coding. It's like trying to walk to the bathroom in the pitch dark of night. You feel blind, you stub a toe (or ten) and then you yell profanities at inanimate objects. Yep, sounds about right. Thanks for that one Blogger. Oh and please don't suspend my blog, I still do love you deep down inside I promise.

So bare with me while I do a little clean sweeping and windexing around here the next couple days. Oh, and don't go back too far in the archives because most of my pictures are all ten sizes too big for this new smaller layout. If anyone wants access to my blog so they can go in and change every single picture on here since March to a smaller size I'll give you all the things. Hey, a girl can dream right?