8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have

Happiness. We all pretty much have the same dictionary definition of the word. But each of us has a different definition for what actually makes us happy because every individual has a specific recipe that defines their own happiness. 

The author of a certain article that's been floating around Blogland lately determined the eight things that she thinks every woman should have in order to be happy. Most of them are pretty mindless things that you'd probably look over completely if you were trying to pin point your happiness into a numbered list. But that's why I thought the article was so fun. Seriousness is for the birds (90% of the time). Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere posted her answers to the questions a couple days ago and I thought it'd be fun to share my own today. So here we go:

If I were to make my own list of things every happy woman should have it would look completely different than this one but it was still fun. I really wish I could just do the entirety of life like this. Sign me up for all the numbered/fill-in-the-blank type lists because I quite like them. Although next time I'd prefer to fill in questions like "A place to live", "A method of incoming money" and "Somewhere to vacation" with answers like "A mansion in Malibu", "Megamillions lottery winnings" and "Australia to see all the Platypussies". You know, things that hold a little more monetary value than a song on a dusty old jukebox.

But speaking of songs. I think it's about time I linked up with Whitsticle and backed my azz up since I haven't done so in quite some time. So this week I'm going to go with a song I've been obsessed with for way too long because it seems to relate a lot to my post from Wednesday about always wanting what I don't have.

"Let Her Go" by Passenger.

His voice is just about as comforting as a mug of spiked hot chocolate in the month of December so this song wins all the awards today. And Friday wins all the awards for getting here much quicker than I had anticipated. Cheers to hoping Monday doesn't rear it's ugly head just as quick.