The ACTUAL Best Trip There Ever Was

Remember how I said the last time I went to Orlando was the best trip ever? I take that statement back and replace it with this was the best trip ever. Because this trip down to the dirty O there were four of us wreaking havoc and having the times of our lives. There was the expected Erin and boyfriend romance, the Whitney and boyfriend romance, and the Whitney and Erin romance, but then there was also the Erin's boyfriend and Whitney's boyfriend romance. Those sparks were flying every which way and it was just a magical site to see. Let's see if I can not kill myself while trying to recap it all...

We hopped off the plane Wednesday night, picked up the rental car and did the first thing that any couple would logically do when heading to Whitney's Princess Palace...stop at Wendy's because the boyfriend has to eat every other two point five minutes or he becomes a whiny toddler asking mom for snacks picked up a very large case of Miller Lite. Then we arrived in Whitsticle's parking lot where I saw her walking the dogs so I proceeded to scream "BABE STOP THE CAR" and "UNLOCK MY DOOR, I SEE HER I SEE HER" before running and skipping straight into her arms.

Then we chugged Miller's, listened to my favorite song "Royals" by Lorde seventeen times, and headed to the bar where we took our first ever picture of the trip...arm in arm taking Fireball shots to the face. How typical. I also met Bear this night and he really is the most snuggly lovable Bear ever.

Thursday the babe cave and I headed to breakfast with Whit and Bear before heading to Sea World. Sea World. The place where Erin turns into a five year old little girl who should be wearing bows in her pigtails all while carrying around a stuffed Shamu. It's my happy place and I love it there. Except for this time around I was wearing aviators, sweating my ay es es off and carrying a Miller Lite bottle.

But that's okay because then we had some British tourist take this picture which became the first couple picture to ever make its way on Instagram and the book of Face with him even tagged in it. Big things happening over here kids, real big things. Guess I might actually like the kid. Who knew?

And then I took pictures of all the animals because I was obsessed. My favorites were the dolphin show, the sea lion who slid around all hilarious like, and the manatees which blow my mind because they're fatter than Mama June yet still manage to float all day. It took quite a bit out of me not to attempt to jump on top of one. They look like epic lounge chairs for getting a sun tan.

After Sea World we headed back to Whit's to change and drink some more (shocker) before heading to dinner at one of my favorite places by her apartment. But it was obviously necessary to stop by the pretty lake fountain on the way to said favorite place in order to take pictures of the happy couple. That happy couple being W+E. Thank god for boyfriends who are willing to put up with these high demands. Then again he got to stare at our asses for a couple shots so it can't so bad, right?

Don't ask me what this favorite restaurant is called, though. Just know that it serves up one of my favorite pastas ever because it has pine nuts in it. Why do I like pine nuts? Beats me. But sprinkle those little babies over a bed of fettuccine in a gorgonzola sauce and you have me faster than my own hunkfest did. Oh and then add in a canoli the size of Russia and it's just a kill me dead fest of heaven.

The next day we went to Epcot so that we could drink around the world. As you can see by the following picture we somewhat coordinate. I swear we didn't plan it but I do have to admit that we were the best damn representation of Americans in the place. Even if were drinking alcohol from every country but the U.S.A. Wait that's a lie. We got the Red Stag frozen lemonade from the American stand and it was delish. Try it if you ever go. And then get the Grey Goose slushy from France right after. You'll thank me. You're liver will kill me.

I also took pictures of random things at every single country. Because that's what a real blogger would do. Or something. But now I them all to be completely boring now as I'm uploading them on here so I'll only add in a couple. Plus they just make me want to hop on a plane right now to go back because I'm so sad. 

Anyway...this is Canada O' Canada. Aka the most boring of all the countries at Epcot. Do they not drink up there or did I just completely miss something? Sure the waterfall is pretty but umm where's my brewski?

This is Japan and China. I say the "and" part because I don't remember which was which. Whoops. But this is also where we ate lunch and it was the saki bomb dot com. We all ordered the same exact entree of honey sesame chicken with Chinese beers. And somebody, cough boyfriend cough, decided to steal all of the chopsticks because "they looked fancy and the ones in the store actually cost money". Riiiiiight. I picked a winner ladies. But hey, now I get to eat my Chinese delivery with fancy Epcot chopsticks.

This was the first thing we saw when we walked into America. PUMPKIN SPICE EFFING FUNNEL CAKE. I'd like to boycott America for this one because you all know how I feel about that damn spice.

England made up for it though because it was one of the few countries that had an actual bar setup and we all know how much I love my bars. He got some dark gross beer and I got some girly as all hell lime green concoction that looks like a stomach ache waiting to happen but no sir it was delicious.

This next picture right here is the sign of true romance. A boyfriend that allows you to take couple selfies in the strangest of hats from each country...and actually enjoys it. He may be a chopstick klepto but at least he'll throw on a panda hat and selfie it up with me. No we did not buy either set of hats.

This next country is the home of my birth. Because anywhere that offers a guacamole, salsa, and queso trio plus some banging margaritas will have my heart for all of eternity. Plus have Whitney's too because they had a margarita WITH Fireball in it. I wanted to gag but I just couldn't because she was in all her glory.

But the bar in Mexico is down in some cavelike structure and the lighting blew big chunks for picture taking and not even Photoshop could help a girl out. So just imagine dipping your perfectly crisped tortilla chips into creamy meled queso and you'll get the idea. You can slap me now for that visual too because I'm about to do the same since wisdom teeth recovery doesn't allow for crunchy things such as chips. Just kill me slowly over here. And then kill me again because I just found a Whitney/Erin selfie and I miss her too much. 

After Epcot had been conquered and slightly depleted of alcohol we took some naps. Some perfectly solid and necessary naps. And those naps did wondrous things for us because we went to town and back as soon as we woke up. This was probably my most favorite of the nights because Bear got out of work way early and we got to pregame before heading to his and Whit's new stomping grounds. It's a billiards bar which translates to Erin sucks at every sport in the place but it was still so much fun.

This is partly because we had quite a few rounds of these. Notice my one Washington Apple girly shot amongst the sea of Fireball. That's what my entire night looked like.

Which might be the reason why I accidentally smashed my pint of beer to the floor (and laughed hysterically about it) and also decided it was necessary to get ON the pool table in order to get the best shot. Good lord I am just so classy.

And then we actually managed to capture one of my most favorite pictures of me and Whit to date. The two of us happier than ever because we're not only with each other but also with our men. It's amazing how much we've been through and how far we've come over just the short amount of time we've known each other.

I love you to pieces Whitsticle head. Thank you oh so much for letting the Princess Palace be our hotel for our five night stay. Thank you oh so much for introducing me to that cake from Miller's Ale House. Thank you oh so much for letting me borrow your clothes half of the trip. And thank you even more for being my bestest ever. Until next time, my friend, until next time.