Taylor Takes Over

Today I have a celebrity gracing this very blog. She was one of my favorite reads from the very beginning of my blogging journey and she still holds that title today. If I had a "daily reads" list she would most certainly be on it. But since I'm too lazy to have one of those you're just going to have to take my word for it. And you should definitely take that word and run with it because she's absolutely hilarious and you'd be ashamed to miss out on a single word she has to say. 

I find myself thinking "why in the hell didn't I think of that" or "how is she so creative with her play on words" or "why can't I be that effortlessly witty" just about every time I hop on over to her blog. And that's exactly why I picked her out of all my bloggy friends to take over while I frolic around Orlando with the boy toy and the besty today. Because if you're not getting a daily dose of  this chick then what in the mother fug are you doing? 

Get on your game, read her guest post, go visit her blog, laugh your ass off, ooh and ahh over her stud muffin of a dog and eat your heart out my friend…because it's about time you got your daily dose of The Daily Tay. Take it away Taylor…

Hi guys.

My name is Taylor, and unfortunately like the rest of all of you, I'm not cool enough to be a part of the love duo that is Erin and Whitney. But if I was, our trio would look something like this.

And as you can see I don't quite have the editing skills Erin and Whit do, that might having something to do with the reason I'm not in their clique... Or at least that's what I tell myself.

Regardless, I've created a list of ten things I bet those two crazy gals are up to at this very minute.

1. Drinking.

2. Exchanging best-friend bracelets.

3. Hugging each other.

4. Posing for blog photos for next week.

5. Playing with dogs.

6. Still drinking.

7. Playing in water of some sort.

8. Writing cute things in the sand.

9. Eating Pringles and drinking Miller Lite.

10. And of course they're backingthatazzup all night long.

Happy Friday, pals.

LYLAS, Taylor.