Pulling in the Rear

Once again I'm a bit behind on this whole blog about your weekend thing. This seems to be a trend around these parts lately. But guess who doesn't care one bit? This chick. Why? Because, once again, my weekend was one of the best damn weekends I've had in quite some time. This also seems to be a trend around these parts lately. I hate it about as much as I hate three day weekends.

I headed home to Ithaca Friday afternoon in a CAR instead of a bus. Therefor my weekend was already ten times better just because I didn't have to sit on that damn Shortline next to a creep asking me if he could rest his head on my shoulder for five and a half hours. That's never happened to me or anything. Things got even better after that because my first stop on the agenda was a hibachi restaurant. Put hibachi into any day and it'll be a good one. Follow that up with two for one beers at the local bar with all my favorite people and you have yourself a killer Friday.

Saturday was spent having breakfast out on my deck before heading to the Ithaca Beer Company for lunch. It's rather ridiculous that I've lived there my entire life and had never been to the place. The decor was entirely adorable and the fries with garlic mayo were delicious made fresh from their garden, but the beer was eh. I'm not so much a fan of the hops so if you like your beers light and airy then this place might not be for you. The wall of wine bottles though? I could make use of a few of those in my future.

Later that night I went over to Meghan's house for her mom's wedding. It was the cutest, simplest, and sweetest backyard ceremony complete with mason jars filled with rainbow colored flowers, string lights, and paper lanterns. We don't really need to mention the fact that I cried at it because, well, I cry at every wedding I ever go to. Call me a closet romantic or something.

The next day everyone headed over to Watkins Glen to hike the gorges. If you have a flabby ass you should take a trip here. Hike two miles of straight stairs and your butt will be hating you (or thanking you if you have a few dimples like me to work on) the next morning. We then headed to lunch on Seneca Lake before stopping at a few wineries on the way back home.

The remainder of the day and evening was spent getting shmammered. First at the pool. Then around a bonfire. And then in my hot tub while it straight up down poured on us (there's an oxymoron for ya) in the middle of a thunderstorm. Luckily only our livers were electrocuted that night because there was quite the site to see the next morning because of the rain. Taughannock Falls was ripping and roaring like I'd never seen before. It was like we had Niagra's cousin in our backyard with all of the mist going on.

But now Labor Day weekend is over and I'm somewhat depressed. Good thing I have a Passion Pit concert, the opening of the NFL season, another wedding, all things fall, and a trip to FLORIDA to see Whitney to look forward to. Holla at your momma. Things are about to get as messy as baby Aria after a roll or two in the mud.

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