My Biggest Confession To Date

I always said I would never be "one of those girls". 

You know the one that meets a guy and changes her Facebook status to "in a relationship" faster than you can say "you're psychotic". The one that inundates your Instagram feed with pictures of the "just because" flowers she constantly receives. The one that constantly tweets about all of the ways her new boyfriend is the best thing to ever happen to her. The one that updates her Facebook with statuses like "how did I get to be so lucky". The one that can't find anything else but her boyfriend to text you about because she can't stop gushing over him. The one that should throw out all of her monogrammed towels and iPhone cases and replace them with ones that read PDA because, let's face it, those really should be her new initials. Yeah, I group chicks like that into the "one of those girls" category.

Because if we're being real, I have always considered myself the farthest thing from that type of girl. 

Back in high school I didn't have a single boyfriend ever. Unless you count the one I had for a total of two days. But that was only because I wanted to have a cool anniversary date in my AIM profile like everyone else. Then I got my britches out of my butt hole and broke up with him. (how's that for alliteration?) Anyway, high school = boyfriendless. 

Fast forward to right after high school and that finally changed. But it was only rainbows and butterflies for a short period of time because (like Adam Levine says) there was no compromise to move us along. Instead, the relationship took a turn for the worse, way worse, and I went through a whole lot of hell. I was the cake while he ate it too. And let me tell you, he ate quite a few other cakes throughout that disastrous time period. But I was obsessed with trying to be his only cake and I lost myself somewhere in the middle of all the baking. I was so blinded by my mission to "win" him that I let myself get walked all over for years. And I mean years. And I also mean walked ALL over. But that was the only version of a relationship that I had ever experienced. There wasn't much to gush or gawk about. It was normal to me. And boy did it take me a whole hell of a long damn time to finally see the light. 

Thank goodness for that light, though. Because that's the only thing that led me out of those hellish nights and into the most beautiful of days.

Lately, every day has been one of those beautiful days. And that's because all of those days have been filled with that hunkfest I so slyly snuck into my post on Monday. Okay okay I'll show you again just in case you missed it. Lord knows I wouldn't mind seeing it again either...

That one. He's the reason for all those posts lately about feeling foggy because I'm mushy. Or actually enjoying life so much that I haven't cared to constantly update social media. Or being insanely glad that I finally turned the page. He's the one that I've spent every single second of every single weekend with (and most weekdays too) since I met him. The hibachi restaurant, the Goo Goo Dolls concert, the Giants game, the fondue place, bowling, row boating, the Passion Pit concert, and yes even the trip I took home for that wedding over Labor Day weekend with all of the gorges and thunderstorm hot tubbing. All him. I feel like I'm confessing top secret information right now and I love it. 

But this is all so unlike me. I don't do boyfriends. I play the field like it's my day job. I don't do mushy gushy lovey dovey. I'm the emotionless, could give two shits about feelings, pass me a beer dude. I don't ever actually like guys enough to ever even think about calling them my boyfriend. I go on a couple dates and determine that the chase is over and I'm bored within two weeks. It takes a whooole hell of a lot to crack my code and get me to fall face first into the pile of doodoo that is called romance. But oh how the Tide-to-Go sticks have turned.

Never in my life have I ever spent this much time with a guy. But then I met a man on a Friday night and by Sunday felt like he'd been my best friend for years. 

Never in my life have I been treated like a princess and wanted to eat up every single second of it. But then I met a man who will be ten steps behind me walking into a restaurant and will still rush straight passed me to get to the door and open it before I can. 

Never in my life have I taken a guy I've barely been dating home to meet my parents. But then I met a man who surpassed every single one of my expectations and then some when I did just that.

Never in my life have I been given a bouquet of flowers from a guy. But then I met a man who had a single rose waiting for me in the car on a date and then whipped out another dozen the next morning because "one just wasn't enough".

Never in my life have I let a guy take me into the forbidden land of PDA. But then I met a man that I could probably make out with just about anywhere. (Shhh! Don't tell Grama)

Never in my life have I gushed about a guy for the world to see and acted like "one of those girls". But then I sat down at my laptop today and I became one.

Erin, the single as a Pringle/never blogs about dudes chick? Ya, she has a boyfriend

Cue mouth wide open/hands to cheeks emoji. Pinch yourself. Shut the front door and lock it. Sound the alarm. Splash your face with an entire bucket of ice water. Do whatever you need to to prove that you are, in fact, not dreaming. Because let me tell ya, I've been doing the same damn thing over here in la la land. I feel like some crazy happy sunshiny romantic weirdo has taken over my body and erased all my concerns and fears. What has happened to me? Who the hell am I?
Oh that's right, I know...

I'm just a girl who is finally asking herself "How did I get to be so lucky?"

Wait For Me by Kings Of Leon on Grooveshark

And "Wait For Me" by Kings of Leon so that I can still link up for #backthatazzup with Whitney. Who, by the way, will be graced with the presence of not only me next week when I make my way to Orlando...but also the mister man who is coming with me. Bring on the Whitney/Bear + Erin/Hunkfest double dates! Oh how things have changed since my last visit. And oh how I wouldn't have it any other way.