Mondays = Lists

I think today is a list day because I am once again depressed (and a tad bit hungover) after the Giants loss yesterday. Plus weekend recap posts are about as boring to write as the talent portion of Miss America is to watch so a list is what you're going to get. 

ONE // I went home (again) last Friday for (yet another) wedding.

TWO // I played with lots of puppies. Shocking, I know.

THREE // It was colder than all heck upstate so I got to wear a scarf for the first time this year. This meant that I obviously had to document it on Instagram for the world to see since it was such a monumental occasion.

FOUR // I got to wear boots for the first time too. Although this wasn't uploaded to the Insta because, well, look at my damn face. Lord help me and my obsession for all things fall.

FIVE // Later on that evening it was wedding time. Aka open bar time.

SIX // I even actually put makeup on my eyeballs for the shindig. It's a miracle, I know. Note that this also had to be documented. I now give you free reign to judge me.

SEVEN // The wedding was at Laura's barn so it was only necessary for all the girls to take pictures in front of a field of corn and sunflowers.

EIGHT // Except for then all of my friends started doing photo shoots with their boy toys and mine wasn't at the wedding with me so I just took selfies of me and my mason jar date instead. I'm so cool it hurts.

NINE // Then the happy couple kissed in front of fireworks and lived happily ever after while Erin took a five hour bus ride home at 7am while completely hungover just so she could get back in time for more drinking on Sunday Funday.

TEN // This was the worst blog post I've ever written. You're welcome. I'm off to go watch Breaking Bad in attempts to hopefully catch up on all the seasons before someone spoils it for me.