Mish Mash Monday

Wow welcome back to your blog Erin. It's only three something in the afternoon and you're just now getting around to getting your ass here. What am I supposed to do on the blog on Mondays again? A weekend recap? Well here it is...

Yep, that not only sums up my entire weekend but also the entirety of the past week. I probably watched about 40 episodes of this insanely addicting series in the last seven days. I'd like to thank the fact that I was on vacation, as well as recovering from having my wisdom teeth out, as well as the genius writers of this show. I've never fallen in love with a show (and finished it) so quickly in my life. 
And I thank the meth lords that I decided to start watching it on Netflix recently...scratch that I thank the boyfriend for forcing me to start watching it on Netflix recently, because if I had to sit through this story for FIVE YEARS instead of a couple weeks I would have died. Died. It's seriously just that good. But now I'm on suicide watch over here because it's officially over. It doesn't feel real that I'll no longer have a whitey-tighty clad Bryan Cranston or a dirty drugged out but somehow insanely lovable Jesse Pinkman gracing my screen every night. Insert waterfall teary eyed iPhone emoji here. Quite a few times.

Oh and my thoughts on the finale? Loved it. And without giving anything away, I thought it ended exactly as it should have. And that made my day and my heart very happy. So goodbye Breaking Bad, I will miss you forever. But we shall have one last hoorah for Halloween, just you wait.


This other amazing thing happened around these parts over the weekend that I'm not so heartbroken about, though.

Holy heck balls times exactly two thousand! I'll save you the cliche "I never thought I'd ever reach this point when I first started blogging" speech and just say thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you. I really like being a part of this 2,000 club. Now no one go disappearing on me so that I can stay here pretty please and thank you. Smooches.


Since I've been home at my parents' for the past week it obviously means puppy pictures must grace the blog. And Instagram. And Twitter. And Facebook. You know, because I'm that obsessed.

Except for little miss princess pup Ari isn't so much of that pup anymore. And she most certainly isn't a little princess. Home girl is the craziest four month old dog I've ever seen. Terrorist. Manic. Tornado. Those words are much more fitting for the craziness that makes it's way into the living room as soon as she's let into the house. It was tolerable when she was pint sized, but now that she's five times the size it's a little harder to handle. Either way you still have to love the little monster. Especially because she loves her bust buddy of a sister to pieces. That is when she's not biting her ears off or stealing her bones.


Today is the last day of September. You probably already knew that though since, you know, you can read a calendar. Ask me how it's possible that we've reached the end of the month though and I'd probably say "I have no idea, I think I've been drugged the past 30 days" because, seriously, where in the hell did this last month run off to? But with the end of September means the beginning of October and I love me some October.

So now I'm off to go buy myself a pumpkin, probably Instagram it, definitely carve its guts out, possibly attempt to carve it, and definitely 100% absolutely cook its seeds. Because those little bites of goodness are one hell of a treat, especially when you sprinkle the shit out of them with garlic salt. Catch ya on the flipside of things because I'm once again on vacation for another week. Life's pretty rough over here, ya know?