Better Late Than Never

It's that time of the month again. Except for this version doesn't involve running to the drug store to shell out hard-earned cash on tampons (is there anything worse in life, really?) and instead it involves running to the nearest Rafflecopter to win some pretty fabulous prizes. I'm also two weeks late in getting this time of the month going. Another point that I'm glad is related to blogging and not periods.

Enough about that, though. This month I have quite the array of different things to hand over to one of you lucky ladies. Gift cards to places like Target/Starbucks/Sephora, a bunch of ad space, earrings, a Bath and Body works set, and also money towards blog design shops!

All you have to do is say hello to the beauties that graced my sidebar last month, hop over to say hello and then enter the copter at the bottom of this post. Piece of cake!

Autumn // Helene // Katie // Melissa

Annie // Kristyn // Stephanie // Kristen

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