A Countdown of Sorts

A while back I did a little "Countdown of Me" type post. Basically this entails a few sets of lists with a different amount of items in each one. Five of one thing, four of another, three of this, two of that, etc. Today my brain can't really focus on anything other than the fact that tomorrow begins a two and a half week vacation. Couple that with the fact that I was up all night worrying because my roommate has pink eye and my own eye started to hurt and get red and we have ourselves an Erin that will only be blogging this week if it's in the form of a list because that's easy on her head. 
P.S. I woke up this morning with a non-red eye (thank you baby Jesus) and my hands are about as dry as my mouth after a night of too many Blue Moons because I've been washing them every six seconds. Anyway, let's get on with this list countdown thingy majig. Feel free to copy the prompts for your own post if your brain is stuck today too.

Five things I'll be doing over the next week:
1. Hopping on a plane with the boyfriend to go to Orlando for five fun-filled days.
2. Squeezing the ever living daylights out of Whitney and meeting her own boyfriend.
3. Going to Sea World to see all the dolphins and otters that my heart could ever hope to see.
4. Drinking around the world at Epcot, laying by the pool, and beaching it.
5. Flying back home after it's all over to get my wisdom teeth out and officially hate life.

Four items that I need to purchase:
1. An iPhone case so that I can stop being an idiot and cracking my screen every three months.
2. Groceries. Last time I went to the grocery store? Yaaa that's a great question.
3. Anything from Target that doesn't have Phillip Lim written on the tag.
4. NEW BOOTS. I'm currently working with a four year old pair of Steven Madden's and a pair of Aldo's with a hole in the heel. Real cute Erin, real cute. I'm currently loving these three: one // two // three

Three shows I can't wait to have come back into my life:
1. Revolution - I may or may not be the only one that watches this show but I don't care; I'm obsessed.
2. Grey's - I need to know what happens to Richard even though it was on its way out three seasons ago.
3. Revenge - Daniel Grayson needs to just come on over from the Hamptons and marry me already.

Two reasons I'm excited for fall:
1. It means it's closer to the time where I get to put out all six bags of the Target clearance aisle Christmas decorations I bought last year. 
2. Layers! I despise dressing for summer because I can only wear one piece of clothing. Fall means I can wear a tank, a tee, a cardigan, a jacket and a scarf all at once and be perfectly cozy.

One thing that's currently bothering me:
1. That whole Miss America thing. And no I'm not talking about Miss New York being Indian. If you're mad about that then we might as well just ship you off to the moon forever. I'm bothered by those that get mad at people for judging the contestants. And the ones that try to say it's sooo much different from a beauty pageant because it's actually a "scholarship program". Great, that's amazing that women are being awarded money for an education because they have three degrees and can twirl three batons around at once but if you're going to strut your shit down a runway in a bikini then I'll be here ready to judge you on how flabby your ass is. Plain and simple.