These Are My Confessions

First of all, thank you to all of you who loved yesterday's post. It still amazes me that some of you love the crap that comes out of these fingers when I put the serious side of my face on. But today it's time for an installment of "I Confess". I used to do these every single Friday with Leslie but life got the best of me and I eventually stopped all together. I'm not really following the rules of this week's confess sesh but I figured I wanted to get some things off the beating chest anyway.

So here we go, I confess that...

I take screenshots of some bloggers' engagement rings in Instagrams just to keep stored away on my phone for 100 years until I (maybe) get engaged. Creep Central Station right here. Shout out to Andrea's on the left and Brie's on the right. They're both beauties. 

I stop eating meals I really love at dinner even though I'm still hungry just so I can have leftovers for lunch the next day. This happened with my chicken fettuccine alfredo last night and I'm going to go balls to the wall at it again today.

I once caught my nanny kid sitting next to the dog's dish stuffing dry food pebbles into his mouth. I also caught him checking out his momma's pregnancy tests and yesterday I even caught him with a bottle of Johnny Walker in hand. Nanny of the god damn millennium over here. *No children were harmed in the taking of these pictures*

I like to roll my cold cut turkey up like a fruit roll up before eating it. You all know I don't like bread so it isn't going between a sandwich and I need to get creative.

I realized I would actually kill myself if I had to do anything productive as soon as I got to work in the morning. Mine usually involve something like a comfy outfit, a smoothie, and a laptop in hand while posted up on the couch.

I went to H&M to buy a new outfit before heading out after work yesterday instead of going all the way home to get one from my closet. Practicality at it's finest folks.

I can't stop eating Pop Rocks. I will not stop eating Pop Rocks.

I've used the gym for the shower more times than I've used the gym for the equipment this week. Hey at least I'm getting my money's worth somehow right?

I won't be going out either night this weekend and I'm more excited about it than I probably should be. This girl has been busy busy lately. Have yourselves a fantastic weekend and don't do anything I wouldn't do. And by that I mean do everything I would do. You'll have fun, I promise.


Today I have Kenzie from The Ashcraft Bunch here to answer some quick questions (no really, she's the quickest answerer of questions ever) for you all! She has the cutest little girl named Paisley, a hunky husband, and a cute dog that you must go meet.

1. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose? 

2. Describe yourself in ten words.
Wife, mom, christ follower, blogger, organized, determined, faithful, loving, happy, blessed, 

3. If I handed you eleventy million dollars what would you do with it?
Pay off all debt as well as families, help out our church, start a charity, put back for our kids college, oh the list could go on forever.

4. Check out more from Kenzie over here: blog // instagram // pinterest // twitter // facebook