The Opposite of Scum of the Earth.

Well hello there blog, I'm sorry I neglected you yesterday. It seems that taking a two hour nap at work took precedence over you. I'm not sure why naps don't take precedence every day but I'm glad they don't because then I'd never get to experience some of the great things that come my way just from having a blog. Awesome friends, inspiring posts, an outlet for my brain, an answer to my boredom, money, a sense of community, perks. I wouldn't have any of these things without this place I call home once a day and I sometimes forget that.

But not yesterday. Because yesterday was a great day. One that flip flopped from negative to positive faster than you can buy a pair at Old Navy on dollar flop day.

It all started with that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day that I blogged about on Wednesday before I decided to boycott yesterday. If you weren't around or were too busy taking a nap like I was to read it, the point was that I got scammed. On Craigslist (shocking I know). By the ring leader of the scum of the earth, who, for some reason thought it was acceptable to sell an innocent victim fake tickets to a concert. A Matchbox Twenty / Goo Goo Dolls concert at that. I just wanted to sing 3 A.M. and Slide all night long. I was livid, I was sad, I was bummed out, I was short some doll hairs, everyone that commented felt bad for me, yada yada.

Then Sarah (the instigator of the entire flip flop who needs seventeen million bajillion kisses) tweeted this in an attempt to help me out and I tweeted back with a thanks but yeah right type of response.

Then Stub Hub replied to her tweet!

But I didn't think too much of it because I honestly thought there wasn't anything anyone could do, besides blow up the bitches phone of course, which I absolutely accomplished. I mean it had nothing at all to even do with Stub Hub other than the fact that I'm a certified moron and should have just bought tickets from them instead of a slime ball. But I DM'ed them anyway and was all like yeah, I got scammed on Craigslist, there's not much you guys can do, I learned my lesson, I'll go with you guys next time. I really didn't even expect a reply back. I just figured they were putting up a pretty face on Twitter to make it look like they actually care about their customers.

Oh how wrong I was. Because then, miraculously out of left field, Stub Hub offered me a $100 credit to their site and told me to get my butt to that concert!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR AND KNOCK TWICE. I honestly couldn't believe it! I was shocked that a company would go out of their way to help someone who had a problem completely unrelated to their own business. I even forgot to respond to them for a solid thirty minutes because I immediately called my mom to tell her, I was so happy. After I finally responded with at least five different forms of "You're amazing, thank you so much." I sat down and realized that none of this would have happened if it weren't for being a blogger.

I wouldn't have written a post, I wouldn't know Sarah, she wouldn't have known my scammer story, she wouldn't have tweeted Stub Hub, Stub Hub wouldn't have read my post, I wouldn't have been offered such a sweet and thoughtful gesture, and I wouldn't be dancing my tail feather off to Rob Thomas on Saturday. Phew how's that for a run on?

Blogging for the win and Stub Hub for the excited smile that's still on my face. Because thanks to both parties, I am now going to have the best weekend ever.

I'm starting off with a trip to NJ tonight to go to a supposedly bangin' ass hibachi restaurant (hellooo flaming onion train), then tomorrow will be spent at the beach before the concert, and Sunday I'll be throwing on the Eli Manning jersey for the first time and heading to the Giants preseason game. Talk about an epic weekend. And the second one in a row at that. I'm just loving life over here currently, don't mine my blissfulness.

And in honor of the concert this weekend I'm going to #backthatazzup with Whitney to some good old fashioned Goo Goo Dolls. I wanna wake up where you are. I won't say anything at all. So why don't you slide?

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