One For the Books: Hibachi, 90's Music, Football

Hey Monday, no one's interested in your antics this morning. Please make you way to the nearest exit ramp and off yourself. That's basically all I have to say after having the best weekend ever. I honestly didn't know it was possible to squeeze so much fun into that many hours. But now that it's over I want to just go cry in a corner and hate life. Or take a nap. I think the latter might win today. And that's why this post is going to be made up primarily of pictures. 

It's not only easier on my brain and fingers, but it's also easier on your brain and eyeballs. You're welcome.

Friday: Hibachi for the win
It's borderline obsessive how much I love hibachi. You know how I always say that I want a guac cart at my wedding? Well I also want a hibachi station, complete with flaming onion choo choo and "I <3 U" spelled out in fried rice. We went to a place right on the border of New York and New Jersey that sits up on the mountain. As soon as you arrive you feel like you're transported directly to Japan. The views are incredible and the food isn't so bad either.

Saturday: Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls for the stolen heart
The first part of the day was spent downing the leftover steak and fried rice from the night before and watching Breaking Bad. And by watching Breaking Bad I mean watching the entire first season in about one sitting. It's safe to say that I'm just as obsessed with this show as I am those knife wielding hibachi chefs. I know everyone's been talking about it for seventeen and a half years now but whatever I love me some Jesse Pinkman. The dude is hilarious and I'd date him if he wasn't cooking in his basement.

After I got my fill of meth I headed to the concert. Oh the concert. If I could go every night I would. It was held at the Jones Beach Theater in Long Island and I'm not sure how I've never gotten my ass there before now. It's an awesome venue because it's situated right on the water. When I wasn't staring at Rob Thomas I was staring out into the ocean. You can't really beat it. Combine that with the best concert ever in life and you have yourselves one happy Erin. It was like my childhood wrapped up into one little heavenly sized nutshell. It's amazing how many of those songs come flooding back and you know every single word. If only I could remember calculus as easy as 90's songs I'd be rolling in the Benjamins.

This picture was stolen off the interwebz because, umm, the below shot is the only one I managed to take. Fail, Erin, fail. Photographer I am not. Drunk dancer screaming "I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell" I am. But P.S. if you ever attend a concert at this place I advise you to drink your tail feather off before heading in because the venue doesn't serve alcohol. Kieoiwanegoiega WHAT?! You can imagine how excited I was to hear about that as soon as I walked in. Good thing I was a pro beer pounder in the parking lot.

Sunday: The Giants sucked but my seats didn't 
The morning was another slow one of pancakes and smoothies and Breaking Bad in preparation for the Giants game later in the afternoon. But as soon as 3pm rolled around it was time to whip out the Eli jersey and get to work on some rooftop pong playing in order to pregame. Literally this time because it was actually before a game. The team played pretty poorly but I honestly could have cared less when I was sitting 15 rows up on the 50 yard line. 

I'm just so sad it's all over that I can't even put into proper words how awesome it was. The entire weekend was yet another one for the books. If I wasn't about to pass out on this keyboard I'd still be smiling from ear to ear. But since I'm tired as all hell I'm going to leave before I say something delusional from being so delirious. Catch ya on the flip side blog stars.

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