If I Had a Thousand Dollars

What would you do if someone handed you a grand for doing (close to) absolutely nothing? And I don't mean a Starbucks cup or a canyon, I mean forked over one grand in Benjamin's and told you to have a nice day. Would you pee yourself right then and there? Jump up and down until you actually do have to pee yourself right then and there? Say thank you as many times as the amount of dollars in your hand? Well get to thinking about it, because you very well might have to answer that question in a week's time. 

But before we get to the reasoning behind that completely vague statement I'm going to tell you what I'd do with a lump sum of a thousand dolla dolla bills.

1// Purchase a guacamole cart. There have been many a times that chips and guac have become the dinner of choice in my land of crazy. I'm pretty certain I was Mexican in my past life. And I'm also fairly certain you couldn't ever have a bad day knowing you had a fully stocked guacamole cart waiting to greet you at home. I'm going to need a little more than a grand to buy myself the little dude to come over and work his chopping magic though. One day...

2// Buy (another) Long Champ. I got my first one for Christmas in 2011 and I've probably worn it all but thirty days since then. The thing can compete with Mary Poppins' bag it holds so much junk. But you don't feel the pain from carrying your lap top, gym clothes, lunch, brush, sneakers, wallet, six pack, etc around in it because it's so light. Although you might let out a few expletives if you arrive home and search longer than thirty seconds in the depths of its hell for your apartment keys.

3// Do quite a bit of damage at Target. Did I even have to write this one down? I'm almost positive that it'd make the cut on nine out of ten girls' lists. Target is like the Teresa Giudice to Jacqueline. You love her but you hate that you do and you can't really trust yourself if you get too close because catastrophe might strike.

4// Buy new fall boots, preferably Frye's. So I'm excited for fall already. If there was such a thing called the "it's still August, stop wishing away summer" jail then I'd have a criminal record heftier than all the failed child actors and NFL players combined. It's a problem that I'm well aware of but it's never going to change. I LIVE FOR FALL. But I'm even more excited this year because I can buy new boots. I try to limit myself to buying one really nice pair every other year and last year I put up with ones that looked like a chihuahua had eaten the soles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So it's time!
5// Go to hibachi (several times). You know when you step through the door of your favorite restaurant and get that feeling like the clouds open up and sun shines down on you and the music from the movies sings "ahhhhhh". No? Just me? Well shit. But anyway, that's exactly the feeling I get when stepping foot in a hibachi restaurant. The flaming onion choo choo train, the egg twirling, the heaping pile of rice, the cooked to perfection chicken, the white sauce they put in those little trays. Oh. My. God. It's heaven in the form of a flaming griddle. Except for the stream of saki they squirt at you. No thank you Asian knife flipper.

And now that I've provided you with that visual we've arrived at the part of the post where I actually clue you into why the hell I'm ambiguously talking about cash that I don't have. YOU COULD WIN YOURSELF $1,000! 

That's right my friend, I teamed up with 19 other bloggers for a little "Back to School" giveaway put together and hosted by The Life of Bon. P.S. you absolutely do not have to be stepping foot anywhere near an educational building anytime soon to enter. You also don't even have to step foot on American soil to enter. Holler to the giveaway gods for that! 

So check out the awesome ladies that teamed up to throw you this banger and enter your little heart out in hopes of winning yourself some cash.

For Lauren and Lauren// Sami's Shenanigans// Back East Blonde

A Complete Waste of Make Up// Pretty in Pink Megan// Lipgloss and Crayons

Helene in Between// Shannon Hearts// Freckled Fox

Living in Yellow// Crowley Party

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 14th.  International readers may enter, but the prize will be sent in the form of a $1,000 visa gift card in American dollars.  ALL ENTRIES WILL BE VERIFIED. 

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