I Turned the Page

This, this, this. Ten times over.

I stumbled upon this quote a few days ago on Instagram and just about had heart palpitations because of how perfectly it relates to my life right now. It amazes me how your head can struggle so desperately to collect all of its thoughts and form one single thought bubble with them, but as soon as you trip over someone else's bubble it all clicks. It all makes complete sense. Your own thought bubble is formed. And if you're a blogger, you write it down instead of keep it in your head.

Here's my bubble:

I was stuck on a page recently. An amazing page that taught me so much about life and ultimately about myself. I loved reading it. I swallowed up each word written. I immersed myself wholeheartedly between every sentence. I would've made a damn home between the first and last paragraph if I could have.

But the story ended as fast as the period arrived, leaving me crushed and ultimately with no choice other than to turn the page. The only problem was that I wasn't near ready to do it. I wanted that page to be the beginning of the rest of my book so badly that I clung to it. I didn't want to let it go because I thought there were so many pages still left to explore in that chapter. I didn't want the cold period to be the end of it all. And I certainly didn't let any other pages entice me to flip it and carry on. Until I did...

I turned the page.

And boy does it feel good. Because as soon as I finally got myself over the hurdle it was just like the quote describes, "the best feeling in the world". I did realize there is so much more to my book than that one single page that I thought was going to dictate my ending. And now I'm having the time of my life reading this new page. Because this one is surprising me and amazing me with each and every word. It has so easily made the turning of that old page the best thing I could've done for my book because this page, oh this page, it's easily becoming one of my favorites to read.

And I'm left here in amazement thinking how astonishing it is that the pages that once held so much of you in them can suddenly just be turned over and put behind you. So if you're struggling to find your place between the sentences of the page you're currently stuck on...turn it. There's so much reading left of your story.