Having a Little Quinceañera Today

Except for instead of celebrating me turning fifteen (even though I look it), we're celebrating the fifteen amazing sponsors I had last month. Yikes that was so bad, Erin. But anyway, welcome to group giveaway day...two days late. 

July was one hell of a month for this life (and blog) of mine, hence the slacker status I currently have going on. But I make no apologies for having a damn good time these past thirty days because without doing so I'd have zilch for blogging material. Well, that's a lie since I sometimes sit on my couch for five hours at a time accompanied by some Real Housewives and a Bachelorette and still find random shit to type into this blank white space. How? I'm not quite sure. But as long as things keep moving along smoothly I'm going to keep it up like a Kardashian.

But let's get to the prizes that you could win this month from my ever so lovely July sponsors. That is why you're here right? No? Not really your style? Well then stop, drop, and roll on over to visit Whitney's blog because I'm posted up there today while she carries on with her birthday shenanigans. But the prizes, oh the prizes. Here they are:

It's quite an array of awesome stuff that you know you could probably use. I mean, fall is right around the corner - imagine all the pumpkin spiced lattes you'll need to be buying soon while you strut your stuff down the street in your cardigans and camel colored boots. 

Have I convinced you yet? I think I just might have. 

So let's get this party started so you can enter for your chance to win it all. All you have to do is check out the fifteen lovers that teamed up to put this all together for you. They're all pretty so it won't be too hard to do, I promise.

Cassie // Tami // Setarra // Sarah

 Lindsay // Kalyn // Melissa

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