Are You Making This Mistake as a Blogger?

There have been many a times in my blogger life (aka February 2012 to present) that people have found out that I'm a blogger and then said something along the lines of this to me:

"I'm too boring to have a blog." or "I don't have anything entertaining to blog about." or "I'd never be able to find something exciting to write about every single day".

Sometimes they're 100% right. Okay nine out of ten times they're 100% right. I don't tell them that, obviously, that would be rude guys. Plus I used to say the exact same things before I finally bit the bait and started this little baby. But anyway, what I do tell them is this:

That right there is really all you need to know in order to be a blogger. You don't need a fancy DSLR camera with a tripod and a husband attached to it following you around. You don't need to spend $300 a month on a fancy new wardrobe to show off to all your bloggy friends. You don't need to have any interest in throwing on an apron to cook up a gourmet meal complete with step by step instructions. You don't need to have a Martha Stewart sized bone in your body that whips out sixty seven and a half DIY projects involving mason jars and burlap. You don't need to be mom of the year and blast monthly must haves for all the other mommy bloggers. You don't need to have a killer weight loss story to inspire the world. You honestly don't even have to have legs because it's really not necessary for you to even leave your couch, let alone do anything exciting. I mean, yes, all of these things help your blogger persona tremendously but they aren't necessary my friend.

And now you're thinking I'm insane enough to hang out with Miley in her new video and twerk it with her.

I knew it. You actually were you sick eff word.

But I'm dead ass serious about this thought process I have going on. Like even more dead ass than those dancing bears and unitard combined. And that my friends is a lot of seriousness. So you better believe me when I say that you can be a great blogger no matter what you're doing with your life.

The mistake we make as a blogging community is that we tend to completely throw away everyday happenings that could quite easily become some of the best posts to grace this dot com world. Sometimes we (and by 'we' I really mean 'I' because I don't know if you agree with me unless you comment to tell me) (anyway) sometimes we get so caught up in trying to find the next best thing to blog about that we overlook the simple things that are just as worthy of becoming big. We're looking for the latest fashion statement before everyone else finds it, the newest place to go on an adventure to get your hair blow out, the most enticing link up idea, etc. 

But in reality, all you really need to do sometimes is sit your ass down on the couch, plop your feet on the coffee table, pour yourself a glass of wine (preferably riesling), and just write. Write about whatever the hell happened to you. Write about whatever thoughts are flowing through your head. Write about how you have absolutely nothing to write about. Just make sure you write about it in an interesting way gosh darn it. 

So many of my readers tell me that their favorite posts of mine are the random ones. The ones that start out with one of those sentences from the beginning of this post. The "I have nothing exciting to write about" one. And then I just give up, turn on Real Housewives and let the idiotic randomness that is my brain take over. That's exactly how yesterday's post happened. That's actually how the majority of my posts happen. Because, SPOILER ALERT, my life isn't all that exciting. I just attempt to make what I'm typing sound like it is.

So the moral of the story is to basically just catfish people into thinking you're cool.

I kid, I kid. The moral of the story is to actually believe me on this one because I know you're really hesitant about it and probably look like that little kid in the AT&T commercial that blubbers "But what about the animals, what would, what would they be made out of?"

And what they would be made out of my little child is posts like the ones below because none of them include any real substance other than the fact that they have SO. MUCH. SUBSTANCE. And now that I've really lost you it's time for you to check our four posts that prove my point. They're all random. None of them involve any of those "typical" blog topics. And they're all perfection.

Exhibit A // Whitney wrote about de-clogging her shower drain and it was hilarious...and got 83 comments.

Exhibit B // Sarah wrote a guide for guys to understand girls clothing. So simple yet so entertaining.

Exhibit C // Juliette came up with a grand ol' idea about where you shouldn't find your next boyfriend.

Exhibit D // Mason wracked her brain and listed out 25 reasons why the 90's were the bomb diggity.

And there you have my spew of a rant today. Just remember the next time you shut your finger in a door or drop a sauce pan full of spaghetti sauce on your foot or think up some random ass topic while you're trying to go to bed...write that shit down...and then blog about it. It'll do you good, I promise.


P.S. It's Friday and that means it's time for #backthatazzupfriday with my besty Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants. This week I've been obsessed with quite a few songs but my absolute favorite is Cash Cash, Take Me Home. Listen to it, it's wonderful, you will dance in your pants. And then go link up your own favorite song because it's the coolest thing to do in the neighborhood right now.


P.P.S. If you haven't gotten enough rambling nonsense from me today and you (for some strange reason) want more, then you're in luck. I'm hanging out on a blog that is quite often inhabited by a celebrity. A celebrity that has chunky paws, long floppy ears, a personality that resembles a grampa's, and the cool factor of a cucumber. Here he is in all his bow tie glory:

He goes by the name of Floyd and I'm obsessed with him. So you can bet your bottom dollar that I just about peed my pants when Sarah (his owner) asked me to hang out with him today. Go trot along to Total Basset Case so you can check out my post and say hi to Floyd Master Fresh!


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