6 Things You Should Know

Six things you should know about me via a good old fashioned question and answer session:

1. Is this how you imagined your life would be?
Nope. But does anyone imagine their life to work out one way and actually see it follow through? Nope. When I was younger I used to think I'd be engaged at the prime age of 23. And here I sit at 24 and think I must've beaten Miley to whatever drugs she's currently on because, well, I'm nowhere near engaged. Shocking.

2. What's your drink of choice when out with girlfriends?
Beer. Always beer. That's my drink of choice when I'm out with anyone. My girlfriends, my guy friends, my dates, my parents, myself. Wait no, not myself. That one usually involves wine. But I'm never actually alone. I'm always with my couch and a solid trainwreck of a reality tv show. So I think that means I'm still not an alchy right? That answer depends on whether you are or are not my grandmother.

3. How did your blog come about?
I think we've been there done that with this question but here we go again. I was on Pinterest scrounging for the thirteen thousandth thing to DIY with a mason jar when I came across a baby bump next to a chalkboard. That chalkboard belonged to Jessica and that bump belonged to Little Baby Garvin. Since I have a ridiculously strange obsession with pregnant chicks and their bumpdates I went goo goo gaga over every single one of her blog posts. The chick amazes me. And through her I started finding all these other bloggers and their amazing lives too. The blog world consumed my world and before I knew it I decided it was necessary that I become a part of it. And here we are today a year and a half later.

4. What is your biggest struggle in life?
I have a lot of "biggest struggles in life". One of them being the inability to answer any question that asks me to confine something broad into one item. Ie. "What's your favorite food/movie/artist?" Come on now, if you can actually answer these questions honestly then you've thought about them for far too long. But back to a struggle in life. Let's see, I'd probably go with getting comfortable with people.  New friends, strangers, relationships, etc. I'm extremely bad at small talk and casually getting to know people. I'm awkward as all hell. And it takes me a really long time to let people in far enough to let myself be at ease with them.

5. What do you love about yourself?
My confidence. Which kind of doesn't make sense after I just admitted to that struggle, but hey. I'm pretty good at feeling good about myself and my life. That might sound cocky instead of confident but I'd take that over moping around feeling sorry for myself any damn day of the week.

6. Name one good deed you did that went unseen.
I donated to a charity that an old friend is participating in. I haven't talked to the friend in almost two years and we are no longer a part of each other's lives but I still felt the need to help out because I know how much the charity means to them. It's the little things that keep you grounded.

Anddd we've reached the finish line, woo. A big thanks to Lisette who tagged me in this post a couple weeks ago for giving me something to fill this blank page with today. Can we just turn blogging into a Q&A session every day? My brain sure would appreciate it. I'd also appreciate this next thing I'm going to introduce you too, though.

A giveaway for $250 to StubHub and/or Victoria's Secret

Does that sound like something you could feast your eyeballs on? Well today's your lucky day because Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars put together her sponsor giveaway and that's exactly what the prize is. One winner takes all, plus the winner gets to decide how much of that $250 they want to spend on tickets, and how much they want to spend at Victoria's Secret stocking up on game day gear. I'm pretty bummed that I'm one of the sponsors hosting this thing because lord knows I'd like to win myself some Giants tickets. Am I allowed to bride you into entering for me? If so then please go enter. I beg of you. I'll pay you in Blue Moons and a free couch to crash on if you ever visit NYC.