Trucks, Watches and Kisses Oh My

This was me yesterday. If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw it. But if not, I'm driving my dad's F-250 (that's a big truck for any of you who've never left the city) in a pair of lace shorts and a Michael Kors watch. 

Now I don't know about you but I prefer to not be driving tanks around town. I need a ladder just to get in the damn thing and then once I do I feel like my Kindergarten bus driver I'm up so high. And don't even get me started on the actual driving part. Forget the gym, it was a workout just trying to push down hard enough on the pedal to get the monstrosity to go above 45MPH. And then every dude I pull up next to is staring at me like what in the hell is this fancy little girl doing driving a truck that I'd like to have...girl can't even see over the steering wheel. And that's about the time I drove straight to my mom's work and switched for her new Nissan with the push button start. Moral of the story: stay in the city and let the taxi's drive for you.

But this post isn't so much about Ford trucks and little people driving them. Nor is it about the lace shorts which I am super obsessed with and so happy that I finally freakin' found. It's about the watch. The pretty, white, Michael Kors watch up in the left hand corner - aka my third hand. Scratch that, my iPhone is my third watch would be the fourth. Because if that little baby isn't attached to my wrist I feel like a piece of my soul is missing. Damnit, no that's the iPhone again. But it does feel real weird if I ever forget to put it on in the morning. 

That's the one that I have. A Michael Kors Oversize White Ceramic Chronograph Watch Mk5163. Phew what a mouth full. I got it a little over a year ago and fell in love as soon as I saw it. If you've been around these blog parts for over a year you might remember this post about me trying to figure out which one to buy. I wanted the one that Sandra Bullock wore in the Blindside because I'm obsessed with her and that movie so of course I had to fall in love with her watch too. Hers was from Toywatch and had a bunch of crystals on the face, though, so I decided against it and ended up going with the plain white from MK. Maybe now I can just steal her blonde southern hair instead? Or maybe Leigh Anne Tuohy's husband so I can have all the Taco Bell I want forever and ever. Oh and her house and her accent. 

But aside from thinking I should have been a southern belle, I'm itching for a new watch again. Because apparently a year is too long to have anything and not get bored of it? Or I'm just fickle as a pickle and would like to be able to pick between two options instead of just one in the morning. Yeah, let's go with that. But now I'm in the same boat as last year. What exactly do I want? It's harder than trying to pick a box of cereal out of the mile long cereal aisle.

Do I want another white one because I'm obsessed with white. Do I want gold because it's gorgeous. Silver because it goes with everything. Rose gold because it's trendy. Black to stray away from the pack and be a little bold. Do I want to stick with my beloved Michael Kors or should I cheat on him and shack up with another brand like this one? My head's spinning just thinking about it. If only I had a extra several thousand lying around to go drop one of the Rolex's I saw on the Chrono24 site I landed on the other day. One day kids, one day.

Do you wear a watch daily? Do you have any recommendations? Which color should I choose? Help!


Today I have a special little lady on the blog all the way from France. Her name is Patricia and she blogs about her life as an American over there and sometimes how certain words can come off in a completely wrong way. And this makes me die laughing, so that means you should probably go check her out. But not until you get to know her a little better over here.

1. What is the first thing you'd grab if your house was burning down? My husband. He's a total hunk and would be the first thing that I'd grab. But if he's not home, I'm taking the huge box of documents that the French government expects you to lug around for the rest of your life. It's ridiculous. You'll go into town hall to update your visa, ready with every single document they said to bring on their website, wait 3 hours in line, and then they'll tell you, "Oh, you didn't bring your dental records from when you were ten? Sucks to be you, Madame. Come back later when you don't feel like wasting my time s'il vous plaît." It's random and crazy and most of the documents are irreplaceable, because recording immigrant records or major life events onto a computer would be too much of an effort. They often make paper copies to keep in the office. But you can save yourself a lot of disappointment, if you just plan on them losing the documents in advance. 

2. If you could take home one animal from the zoo the snuggle with which one would it be? A baby tiger kitten (or two)! So cute and cuddly looking. :) I'm allergic cats, but keeping my fingers crossed that tigers won't have the same unfortunate effect on me. 

3. Your life is a dessert, which one is it? Definitely a brownie. I'm all-American, sweet but not too rich (in fact, the week before payday I'm not rich at all), and the French have no idea what to make of me. 

4. Check out more of Patricia and her life in France here - BLOG :: TWITTER :: FACEBOOK :: INSTAGRAM