Too Much Fun in a Nutshell

Well, well well, another solid weekend in the books and another Monday that came too soon. I'm pretty sure I will never get used to this reoccurring pattern and I'm 100% positive I'll never start enjoying it. But without the Mondays we'd never have the weekend recaps and if we never had weekend recaps then the world would certainly fall apart. 

That was a complete lie. I could do without weekend recaps like I could do without mosquito bites on my ankles but guess what, you're still going to get a recap whether you or I like it or not. But I promise to make it quick because my Sunday was a little too much a funday and I'm feeling the wrath of it this morning. 

Arrived home from work and headed straight to the freezer to pour myself a daiquiri. Because how else does one kick off an epic weekend? 

Once I started drinking I remember to actually take my own advice and get some food in my tummy so Thursday's remnants or a hangover didn't try to one up itself and have a repeat occurrence. But apparently my tummy wanted to go big and decided that the only suitable food option was steak and crab legs. And once my mind is on a specific food there ain't no stopping it. And once I'm on my way to something as good as steak and crab legs you smile the whole way there and feel the need to Insta-selfy it. 

I really have no shame in my game. And daiquiris makes for a good shade of lip gloss. You know, just adding some practical use to the game of drinking. But then the food finally arrived in front of my face and I didn't have a care in the world about my lip shade because home girl went innn on her meal. I mean, I've mentioned my love for crab legs before but I'm still not sure you understand the extent of that love. You know how people say you don't know unconditional love until you have a child?

Wrong. I feel it with the legs of a crab. 

Just remember to make like me and bring a boy along to help you crack the really tough ones and you'll be as golden as the butter that comes along with them. Oh and order a pitcher of frozen margs. Can't forget that.

After dinner I headed down to Bumblefuck, Manhattan to go to the Beekman beer garden. I really do love this place. It's situated on a pier on the East River with a bunch of picnic tables, lit up couches, sand instead of a floor, cute bartenders that try to justify the cost of a nine dollar beer, oh and some pretty AHHmazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge. The only thing that gets me is the fact that chicks think it's necessary to wear heels to it. Remember how I mentioned most of the floor being sand? Ya, put your pumps away ya idiots or I will judge you when you trip and fall flat on your face and get a beach in your mouth. 

My first ever trip to Coney Island! It's rather ridiculous how many NYC things I haven't experience in my three and a half years here. I can't really say I missed out on too much though. Ratchet is the understatement of the century for all things Coney Island. Carnies, trannies, rickety looking rides, creepy old dudes blending up Pina Coladas at booths about to fall over, drunken meat heads handing your friend $20 bills because it's her birthday. The list just goes on and on. I'm glad I experienced it but couple all of that with an HOUR LONG subway ride to get there and I probably won't be going back anytime soon.

The roomie and I were ready to go bright and early for Sunday Funday since we did nothing but watch the Harry Potter marathon all night after we got back from the island of misfit toys. I didn't hate it one bit. But ABC Family could've ended things on a happier note than with the death of Dumbledore, jeez. Anyway, back to the Sunday shenanigans which were spent at Yankee Stadium, aka my happy place.

Sorry to all you other baseball fans but the Yanks take the cake for baseball stadiums. And the bar across the street with the three dollar PBRs? That's just the cherry on top. Except for there aren't really cherries on top of cakes, huh? Welp, for this blog post there are so let's just go with it. If you ever find yourself venturing to Yankee Stadium please do me a solid and head to this bar before you go in.

There's absolutely no reason you should be spending $10 on a cup of beer (yes, they do really cost that much here) when you can buy 16oz cans of PBR for $3 across the street. So get your head on straight and your drinking pants zipped up so you can down three cans for the price of one stadium cup. If Nike was writing this blog post they'd say Just Do It. And seriously, you should listen.

And you should also take your friends from home who are visiting with you like I did so they can down the cheap beers (and buy the cheap beers) with you. But if your friends from home are 6'5" you should make them squat down while you stand on your tippy toes so you can look somewhat normal in pictures together.

You should also steal Yankees hats that have Godzilla taped on top of them from Asians because you need Instagram material. But seriously, how awesome is this thing?

It was Hideki Matsui day at the stadium which basically meant you got transported to Japan as soon as you stepped inside. But it was also the Return of Jeter (no that's not the title of a Star Wars movie) as well as Soriano so combine all of that into one little baseball nutshell and you have my going somewhat insane from all the happiness. Oh and then Jeter will homer on his first pitch and Soriano will hit a walk off single to end it and all hell just breaks loose.

So crab legs, a fun bar, Coney Island, Harry Potter marathon, and a ridiculously good Yankees game. Add it all together and what do you get? One hell of a weekend. This whole NYC deal I have going on isn't too bad after all now is it. But now I'm off to go play with my little guy and then have myself one hell of a Monday night since friends are still in town. I'm thinking thirty cent wing night might do the trick. Have yourself a great Monday! Over and out.

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