This Right Here Is Where I'm From

Before we get to a couple of the amazing places that make my hometown pretty special, we need to just take a look at the little lady who's even more special than all that and a 1970's brownie. By now I'm sure you know exactly who I'm talking about. She's furry, she has four paws, she rolls down hills, her belly is bigger than a beer gut in a La-Z-Boy, and she likes to lick the skin right off of your face. 

I mean, really? If this doesn't make you want to run out and get a puppy in the next four minutes then you simply just don't have a good bone in your body. She is beyond precious in every single way and needs to do a little mating call stat so she can pop me out a lil babe just like her. Or maybe I need to do a little mating call myself so the lucky guy can buy me one for Christmas? Yes, I think that. 

Goal for the second half of 2013: only accept beers from dudes who like dogs and will eventually want to buy me one. Because I'm heading back to the city today and I'm already sad about having to leave her even though I'll be back home again in five days. Insert waterfall crying emoji face here. 

But onto two of the places that make my hometown the best hometown around town...

Number One: Purity Ice Cream

Never heard of it? I feel sorry for you. Like more sorry than I feel for myself for having to leave that scrumptious ball of sugar up there because lord knows Purity Ice Cream is the key to a happy tummy. All you have to do is mention the name and your insides will start doing more cartwheels than a coked out cheerleader. They have about a bajillion and twenty five thousand flavors and they're also home to a pretty serious claim to fame. 

The birth of the ice cream sundae. Like as in they were the ones that made the first one...ever.

I'd say that's pretty legit. And unless you're from Two Rivers, Wisconsin you won't fight me for saying that. Because apparently my town and that town have some sort of rivalry going on about who actually gave a sticky mess of a birth to the sundae first. But since Wisconsin's sundae only included chocolate sauce and ours included a cherry on top, I'm going to go with that whole "whoever pops the cherry first wins" game and call it a day with Ithaca taking the v-card. You're welcome for that visual. Here's some awesome looking Purity waffle cones to wash it away.

You're welcome again.

Number Two: Taughannock Falls

This one is about five minutes from my house and it's a pretty damn spectacular sight to see. It's definitely one of those things that I took for granted growing up because now every time I'm home I at least try to drive by and check it out. This one's claim to fame is that it's the place my dad proposed to my mom. With the ring frozen in an ice cube in her wine glass while on a picnic. Apparently I didn't get my dad's romance gene...but that's a story for another day. 

The "real" fame marker is that it's the tallest single drop waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains. So this basically means it's not the tallest of the tall but it's the tallest of the single drops. 

Huh? Single drops? Well that's what Wikipedia told me and I don't fight with Wikipedia. If I did I never would have finished a school paper in my life. So just go with me on this one, will ya? It's taller than Niagra Falls let's just put it that way and be done with the factoids for the day.

So yesterday my mom, grama and I decided to walk the trail to get to this tall ass single drop. And then I decided it was necessary to take an eight week old puppy who thinks it's absolutely hysterical that you even attempt to put a leash on her. Girlfriend lays her ass right down and looks at you like you just picked her shit up and ate it, I swear. I can just hear her singing along to "I can't be tamed" with Whitsticle.

Please excuse the mess of this picture...we were getting splashed on. Anyway, we decided to just let her walk it out without the leash and walk it out was exactly what she did. Right on into every puddle and mud pile there was along the way. Her La-Z-Boy gut was dirtier than Howard Stern's mind by the time we got back to the car. Whoops! But don't you worry. I threw her in the pond as soon as we got back home and she was good as new and right back to chewing away on my hand. This chick could probably chew my entire arm off and I'd still hug the hell out of her and kiss her head.

But now it's time to get my butt back on that five hour long bus ride back to the city that never sleeps. Because after two weeks in the country, I'm coming home New York City. Alert every puppy on the street to run and hide because I'm going to need someone to take Ari's place of snuggling while I'm away from home these next five days. 

I also might need a few Miller Lite's to remember how to cope with pushy, grumpy NY'ers while I'm at it. Because two weeks away from that nonsense is enough to make you forget how to pull your sass out and slap it on the first person to shove you down the subway stairs. Oh and I also might need someone to purchase those Miller's for me while I'm at it because I'm not quite sure how I'm going to cope without "Dad's Back Pocket" buying for me. Shit.

Oh and P.S. to everyone who was asking about these lace shorts from yesterday's post:

They're from Papaya. Some store that looks kind of like a Forever 21 but is way less chaotic. It's also where I got my red, white and blue birthday dress. But I've only ever seen one Papaya store in my life, so who knows where they're located. I tried to find the shorts on their site but I can only find the coral colored ones here. Still pretty damn cute!

And now that this is about the longest post in the history of post I shall see you all right back here on Monday morning. You'll find me snuggling the living daylights out of my nanny kid who I have missed oh so much these last two weeks. Catch ya on the flipside blogstars, have yourselves a great weekend.

God damnit, almost forgot #backthatazzup. So to make this post even longer I give you a song that I'm in love with from a hometown band, Mike Brindisi & The New York Rock. It's slow so it's not really a back your ass up type song, but it's good. And since I've been home for two weeks I think it's appropriate to show support to the hometown. 

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