Some Things I Love and Some Things I Loathe

1// This adorably flirty summer dress. I love just about anything and everything gold, sparkly, backless or tied up in a bow and this little number has it all doesn't it? Now if only Pinterest would crack down on sources of pins so I could locate pretties like this.

2// DIY projects that look great but aren't a pain in the ass to create. Dip your old cans in some pretty hues of paint and you have yourself the cutest desk accessories to hold all of your random junk. Just make sure you wash them out first or you'll end up having to use one as a puke bucket after the shit rots in it.

3// The fact that I'm already craving fall. Hate on me all you want but as soon as July is basically over I'm ready and waiting for all things football, moderate temperatures, and comfy cozy layered outfits like the one in this pin.

4// Striped paper straws still making my heart happy inside. The trend landed itself on every table of every planned party and should be fading out by now but I'm not over it yet. Especially because these ones are pink and they're sitting next to a DIY glass bottle that says "booze". You can't go wrong.

5// Floppy hats and vintage bicycles. I haven't ridden a bicycle in about ten years but I am for some reason in love with these things. I don't really want one to ride I just want one like the pink one in this pin to sit and stare at in my apartment. 

6// You know I can't love things and not include a puppy picture. There isn't enough bourbon in Kentucky to make me shut up about wanting one. Especially when they're little baby bulldogs stuck in a floaty in a pool. I die, I just die.

1// My apartment being hotter than Channing Tatum and Adam Levine combined. The A/C is on full blast mode yet the cold air that comes out is on pathetic as all hell mode. And I mean hell in the literal sense because that's what it feels like while sitting in my living room. I'm like a 60 year old menopausal woman having heat flashes up in this joint. Sexual.

2// The fact that ranch dressing has calories. Like in all seriousness, who in their right mind measures two tablespoons of dressing onto their food? And if you actually do that, how in your right mind do you think that's enough? It's just not, okay, it's not.

3// Forcing myself to not cheat and check The Bachelorette spoilers. I'm like a crack head over here trying to refrain hitting up my drug dealer on the corner it's so bad. They've hyped this two part (just kill me now) finale up so much that it's taking every ounce of me not to find out what happens. Oh and if you know any spoilers I will cut you if you tell me or tweet them or frankly even think about them. 

4// Not having HBO in my cable plan. I'm beyond obsessed with The Newsroom but I cannot and will not buy the package just for one measly show. I think I might just save all the episodes until the season ends and have myself a little Newsroom marathon. But I also have yet to do that with all the Harry Potter movies so maybe that's not such a good idea.

5// Feeling insanely antsy about my immediate future. This number is probably going to turn itself into its own post sometime soon. But I'm feeling like I need to switch some things up a bit and I'm not sure what exactly I should be switching. Grownup problems.

6// Plane rides costing too much money. If this one was able to be fixed then the previous one would probably also be fixed but I can't really control the airlines can I. But I'd really love to be able to go to Florida for besty's birthday. And I'd really like to go home more often. And I'd really like to just find myself a pilot boyfriend already, damnit.


Today I have Rachel from With Love, Rachel on the bliggity blog. The picture she chose to be introduced to you all with contains wine so obviously I love her so that means you're going to love her. Take a second to get to know this Californian and then go stop by and say hi to tell her to share her wine with you.

1. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Pizza. Hands down. As a child I was inspired by the ninja turtles and their pizza for every meal diet, and I think that I could be very happy living on the ninja turtle diet.

2. Describe yourself in ten words. Travel-loving English teacher who can't say no to pizza. (?) That sentence sucked but I will go with it.

3. If I handed you eleventy million dollars what would you do with it? With eleventy million dollars I would buy nice houses for my momma and for me and C, give some to charities, and then spend my life taking every class at the local community colleges, just for fun-- 'cause I'm a nerd like that. 

4. Check out more from Rachel over here - BLOG :: TWITTER :: INSTAGRAM :: FACEBOOK

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