Not Your Average Fashion Post

This weekend was a rough one. Not so much for me because I took the two days to basically do nothing other than catch up on some relaxing me time, but it was for the rest of the world and the social media that comes along with it. Between the George Zimmerman case and the death of Cory Monteith, my twitterfield was a hott mess of emotion.

When things like this happen my head starts to hurt and by the time I'm done wiping the chaos away I always fall back on one thought...that life is honestly just too freaking short. So I made myself a quote for my lock screen, got my ass up, and went and lived it. And by lived it I mean I made Chipotle's corn salsa (recipe coming soon) and watched six episodes of The Newsroom before the season premier last night. P.S. if you're not watching this show then you need to be. I'm beyond obsessed.

And that's about all I have to say about all of that because it's time to get back to our normal routine of blog nonsense. Sooo, while I was home last week I took some pictures. Not pictures of anything worthwhile or exciting documenting what I did while I was home, but pictures of me. Ya know, just your average "look at me in one of my favorite outfits" kind of pictures. 

Nothing against all you fashion bloggers (I love you and stalk you just as much as the next chick) but I feel insanely awkward carrying out a photo shoot of just myself. Who knew I could be bad at anything that screams "look at me, look at me" right? But apparently I am. So much so that I do this nonsense on a self timer. And now that I mention that I think I might have just realized the entire problem to what I'm about to blog about. But let's just pretend it isn't and get down to business okay?

There's a reason for this shameless self promotion, though. And that reason is to prove that I am in desperate need of a new camera. Like last dweeby dude without a date before prom desperate. It's pretty ridiculous that my iPhone 5 can take better pictures than my actual camera. And that's exactly why every single picture you see on this here blog comes from my phone. This is a conundrum, my friends. A very large and in charge conundrum. I've been blogging for almost a year and a half via my phone's photo album. I think that might mean it's time to get my ass in gear and purchase myself a big girl picture taker. I'll show you why...

How awful is this photog quality? Gah I just want to sit at the cool cafeteria table with all the bloggers that have fancy shmancy cameras that produce cool pictures. But take away my complaining, the blurred out areas, weird lighting, and randomness that causes me to look like I have a lazy eye and blotchy skin and we're in business for a cute outfit. Because I'm pretty sure I could wear this skirt with just about anything short of a snowsuit. Tank top, button down, Giant's jersey, Minion t-shirt, you name it and I'd pair it with this skirt. You'll never see me throwing this gem away.

Oh and then we have the only picture of the bunch that looks semi-decent. The only one that doesn't look like a cat took a piss and then spread it's litter box all over it. Oh and it's of my feet. My feet in some pretty Target heels I might add, but's of my feet. Let's all take part in one big synchronized sigh, shall we? Because that really just would be the story of my life. The one time I go and try to take pictures and imitate the fashion bloggers and my camera decides take a shit all over it.

So now that you're done staring at my feet blown up to 800 you believe me when I say I need a new camera? This is where you nod your head and say "Yes, yes you do Erin. Here's a donation for a DSLR even though you don't even know what that means". And I say "Thank you, thank you. You are way too kind even if you did just make fun of me".

And just to prove that this little shindig was just as much of a shit show in real life as it was inside the camera...I give you a mishap in action and the culprit behind it all. You will notice who she is by the hairy monstrosity to the far right...

She looks real pleased with herself for knocking over the camera doesn't she? Oh and I spy da baby to the left. Pretty sure she's trying to catch a butterfly at this point in time because about one millisecond later she was flopping her way on over to me to snatch the camera out of my hands and run away with it. Gahhh I miss them both to pieces. Good thing I get to see them again in two days!