Meet My Girlfriend

Hi there Two Thirds Hazel readers! Jill here from Girlfriend JIll .
The other night while drinking with friends, the topic of things from the 90's that our children will never know came up. Do you all remember the romance of Winnie and Kevin? What it looked like to watch someone get Slimed? Or how about "being afraid of the dark?"
Here is the list that we complied (the ones I could remember):

one. Candy Cigarettes.  Remember the little white candy sticks that came in a fake miniture cigarette box? I do. And I pretended to "smoke" all the time when I was younger. Classy, I know. Now-a-days seeing a nine year old with something white sticking out of their mouth is absurd. With all of the cancer research connecting cigs to cancer, I doubt they're even still made anymore.

two. Tomagotchis. I had one or two growing and would care for them like they were my own children. I'm pretty sure these drove my teachers nuts.

three. Trapper Keepers. Man did I love these. I didn't even have to attach my papers in the rings. I could just lay them in the folder and zip it up. Also I loved Lisa Frank anything. I had LF stickers and folders and pencils galore. I'm pretty sure I even had a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper.
four. The original NOW CD. What are they on like NOW 87 or something crazy like that? Yep, I was there for the original NOW 1 and still have the CD in my collection.

five. Predicting your future by playing MASH. I couldn't tell you how many times that I predicted my future with this game. I recently was going through my box of notes from elementary through high school and came across a couple of these. Occurding to one I was supposed to marry someone name Jordan and live in a mansion. Still waiting on the mansion...

six. Throwback jams like this one from all the greats like Biggie. Shout out to Erin's besty Whitney for letting me jump on the #backthatazzup link up today.

What things favorite things do you remember from the 90's?